Android App Developers Gird up Your Loins: Google Announces New Guidelines for 2018


It's the right time for Android application developers to grid their loins and begin with the new application development process announced by Google. Google has made some crucial announcements with respect to the rules related to the application development process. To stay in the race, all these rules must be implemented in 2018 and coming years. Read the news further to stay up to date on the development procedure.

All these major changes are occurring with just a single intent in mind to increase the robustness of the application security and enhance the performance of the mobile applications . The app developers should thoroughly be aware of the announcements and apply the same when creating applications in the near future. Google has also emphasized the point why these major changes are needed and how the application can remain more secured. These changes are:

The API Level Update

The API levels play a pivotal role in building up a protected and secured application. The rules in this category are applicable to Implicit intents for bindService() (Android 5.0) which is no longer supported, runtime consents in case of Android 6.0, client included CAs that have lost the reliability for secured links in Android 7.0 and applications that are not able to get the access to the account because of authorization from client in Android 8.0.

From August 2018, the new applications will need to integrate the API level 26 and further follow the updates in November 2018. Google has additionally talked about the advancements in the targetSDKversion which will come after 2019 onwards. Therefore, application developers now need to get their hands dirty with modern tactics to meet the current and the latest forthcoming API levels.

The applications that don't get any update instruction won't have any effect on them but those applications that don't focus on the API levels won't be permitted to release. The engineers have given the flexibility to pick their minSDKVersion with a specific end goal to keep them free from the issue of changing their development procedure.

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Building 64-bit Variant Mobile

Now, it is mandatory for Android application engineers to build at least 64-bit libraries for the applications to enter the Google play store. This change will come into action from August 2019. The declaration has been made well in advance so as to guarantee that by 2019 all applications are made compatible to keep running with a 64-bit processor, leaving zero chance for issues when the 32-bit processor is stopped upheld by Google.

The purpose of this update is to offer a good app performance and uncompromised security. A whole set of new guidelines and registers will be out to make the applications according to this new update. Following this update, we will witness a major change in performance of Android applications, but, this update will only effect native applications and other applications can run easily without major jolts.

August 2019 is not very near, which means Google has given enough time to the app developers to set to the 64-bit version. Also, the company has told app developers to check for further announcements.

Security Metadata in Early 2018

The last and the most essential declaration which will come into effect in early-2018 is Security Metadata. Here Google intends to include an additional layer of security metadata to the APKs of Android applications which are to be submitted to Google Play store. It can be viewed as an authentic level which will make an application much more secure and reliable.

As a developer, you don't need to do anything here. The Google will expand the size of APK to include little metadata and embed it into the APK Singing Block. There will be no change in the usability of the application. Just there will be a tiny increment in the size of the application and that will require some additional space in the device of the user. The metadata helps in keeping the application updated.


Android applications are expanding in numbers thus it becomes necessary for Google to give the highest security to its users and that too with unmatched performance. The update on security turns out to be furthermore crucial as its competitor Apple has officially won the fight on the security factor.

So, it is the ideal opportunity for the Android application developers to collect data on the declarations and stay updated. For the official blog post, you can reach here .

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