Conference Management Software Plan, Promote, & Execute Conferences Seamlessly

Our Solutions

A smart online event planning software using BigData Analysis, Machine Learning & IoT Sensors making the networking more interactive, personalizing Attendee preferences, Event Marketing, and more to delight all the exhibitors & sponsors with high ROI.

The app owner can put life to the program by customizing their unique ideas using niche event management services in the form of iCMS. We have tried combining Modern design with reliable functionality which enables us to effectively build the image of the event for both the Attendees as well as the Organizers.

Product Showcase

Event Management System is well efficient to automate & simplify multiple tasks
One has to wear multiple hats to organize & manage an event and keep everybody in the loop. With the Conference Management Tool, the following services can come easy:

Execution & Working

Conference Management Software solution saves time and increases engagement

By driving revenue, streamlining clients, and boosting the number of registrations, Conference App can manage events, bookings & listings, collect payments, can perform analysis and predict trends. From invoices to good-bye, Conference Software handles it all!

How Online Event Management
Software works

Attendee or Clients

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Options
  • QR code for smooth Check-in and early reminder notifications
  • Heat maps corresponding to the particular session are viewable

Speaker or Performers

  • Sales, Marketing and Revenue Generation
  • Real-Time Statistical Analysis regarding Data Population
  • IoT based Indoor Tracking of Attendee using Machine Learning & Beacons

Admin or Organizers

  • Registration Form with Candidate details
  • Sessions update
  • Payment process Integration
  • User-friendly software with a blend of modern technology for managing and handling all your events productively


''Using iCMS attendees over the touch of button have scheduled their sessions, get real-time updates, experienced quick & easy check-ins because of QR scanning. Everything went so smooth. Happy Clients. Happy Us. iCMS Team took us a step ahead in management.''

''With user-friendly app and easy plan execution, we were able to organize and entertain our audience quite well. iCMS has automated every task we were thinking and made our event a win-win for all attendees, performers and us.''