How To Decide On the Best Marketing Channels To Use?


How do you decide on which marketing channels to use in your pursuit of digital marketing? This is an important question as nobody wants to waste their time with their marketing efforts. As a digital marketing service company, we provide more than just award-winning web solutions; we also understand the need of digital marketing, branding and all the related aspects to keep your business going online.

With marketing, the thing that really matters is the Return on Investment. How much does it cost to get conversions? While each business is unique with different products, services, and customers, we have realized that there are certain channels that are way effectively than others.

Best Channels for Digital Marketing

According to our digital marketing experts at Cerebrum Infotech, the below mentioned are the top three channels for digital marketing :

Website marketing

Websites prove to be the most effective channels for digital marketing; however, it can be a task to execute plans for maximum effectiveness. This is because as websites change over time, which can lead to a loss of conversions. A remedy for this is regular site audits, reviewing analytics carefully compared to the sales funnel, and then testing possible changes to increase the effectiveness with the implementation of the best changes being the final step.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the second best in regards to efficiency. Performing well with email starts with it being an extension of your brand and the website. The quality, the images, the style, everything is required to be an extension of what people have seen. You also need to test the calls to action and the headlines, use personalization and ensure that you aren’t spamming people but adding value with your emails.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is definitely the center of the road when it is about being able to execute it efficiently. Newer businesses or the ones run by people that are more in touch with social media tend to have much more effective campaigns that companies that have been around for a longer. Such people often treat social media marketing as an afterthought. However, it is very good platform to spend time on, as it allows you to connect to a very big audience. The keys to this road of marketing is to first find the platforms used by your target customers, learn the nuances of those platforms, and then craft a marketing plan for that group. In addition to this, social media platforms can also be used for customer services. It is important to remember that any marketing plans should coincide with what you are doing from the customer perspective.

The other options include:

Organic search marketing

Organic search is a search marketing technique that primarily focuses on your SEO efforts. It is a viable way to obtain customers. However, from an effectiveness standpoint, it falls below the three channels discussed above. It should be utilized as a part of a well-rounded program, but you can also generate a better ROI using the other techniques.

Paid search marketing

Paid search is a solid yet a subdued option. It actually falls slightly below the organic search when it comes to effectiveness, but for those who lack time to work on effective campaigns; this proves to be an effortless way to produce results.

Summing Up

Deciding on which marketing channel to use is usually based on a combination of the effectiveness of the channel and the ability to execute a successful campaign on that channel. The top three choices are way too effective than paid ads and organic search, so focus your efforts on the foremost in order to achieve the best results.

At Cerebrum Infotech, we are a young and highly experienced team of Digital Marketing Experts, capable to tackling your projects in specialized way. Our knowledge and vast experience has fetched us the title of the best digital marketing services company. We understand your need and deliver customer centric digital marketing services to achieve your goals. Contact us today for more!

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