How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Gym App Including all Necessary Features


Nowadays, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and analyzing the health condition from time to time is a global trend. We love our bodies but more than that we love convenience and simplicity in our everyday life that can come with a handy mobile application. A health and fitness mobile app can manage all necessary tasks for you from counting your steps to calories intake. So, big cheers to those who want to develop such apps.

Types of Health and Fitness Apps

Before building such an application, the first thing you have to select is its category. Most general and prominently utilized health and fitness apps are mentioned beneath:

Fitness Trainer Applications

Apps of this category permit connecting clients with their fitness trainers. Work out details can be shared or transferred on these applications in various formats, for example, video, 3D models or simple text. Nowadays, the demand for fitness trainer applications is on rise with more number of individuals going to gyms. Arranging a personal trainer might be out of the budget for some; this is the place where personal trainer applications come into picture.

Logbook Apps

These applications are somewhat exercise logbook or calendar that enables clients to specify their exercise schedules precisely. For instance, client might need to work on legs on Monday, cardio ones on Tuesday et cetera. Logbook applications record these exercises to remind clients and monitor their daily exercise routine. These are easy to utilize and basic applications with less design component whose main functionality is to record exercise schedules.

Fitness Tracking Apps that Integrate with Wearables

With more number of individuals now utilizing wearables, the demand for fitness tracking applications that synchronize with wearables has surged to a large extent. While wearables check each step the user takes, application calculate remaining strides to achieve daily exercise objectives. These applications give a detailed outlook on exercise action by bringing important information from wearables.

Nutrition & Diet Apps


Mobile applications that track every day calorie intake give food related suggestions and manage diet fall under the class of nutrition and diet apps. These applications requires high level of interactivity because clients persistently update their beverage and food intake even when they have water, tea, coffee, sandwich or some other food. These health care app are most loved of numerous health freak individuals who think that it’s hard to adhere to a consistent diet plan.

Desirable Features of Health and Fitness Apps

When developing fitness application, it is important to decide on features that should be incorporated for maximum usefulness of application. Let’s have a look at desirable features of a health and fitness app:

Maintain a record of Daily Exercises

Application should empower clients to calculate distance covered amid running or walking. Further, fitness applications should be useful to such an extent that it covers tracking of a wide range of exercises, even the gym workout ones.

Count Daily Steps

Fitness mobile applications should be well incorporated with wearable’s to keep a steady track on number of steps taken every day. When the number of steps taken is compared with targeted number of steps, clients gets a clear idea of whether he/she is on right track or not.

Set Goals

The major aim of health applications is to enable client to set their fitness goals and work towards accomplishing it. Applications should enable clients to set day by day, week by week or month to month goals. According to received information of client's age, weight, height and gender, application should suggest exercise and activities for users to accomplish the objective.

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Reminder for Pending Daily Exercise

Fitness mobile apps should remind clients through push notifications about their pending tasks or activities with the goal that it always remains at the back of their brains. Such updates help clients in dealing with their everyday calendar and spare proper amount of time for work out.

Inspire Users from time-to-time

Applications that track every day exercise, steps and keep a track of number of calories consumed should be shown to clients so that it motivates them to proceed with the good work. Along with that, clients should be given a choice to select for day by day motivational quotes that inspire them to move ahead with sound living.

Associate with Friends through App

Fitness mobile applications should enable clients to connect with their companions and build a community where they share exercise details and health objectives. It is watched that clients that join and remain associated to a community are more likely to stick around their fitness aim.

Live Streaming

This is the feature that empowers clients to record activities and share with personal trainers for better training processes. It is an advanced feature but such remarkable and helpful functionalities increase the popularity of application among target audience.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Gym App

In the first place, you can't get an exact estimate for developing the gym or health and fitness app. It will generally rely upon what platform you select; Android or iOS. As indicated by the tech experts, the cost more often begins from $30,000 and it can surpass up to $70,000.

The cost of developing iOS application is lower than that of Android. But, it is better to consult your budget plan with the app development company who will be developing the application for you before the project starts.


Having an application for your gym or some other fitness center is necessary for reaching out to target audience for promoting services around them. Cerebrum is a reputed mobile application development company that develops feature rich and completely useful applications according to the customer's requirement at best prices. We have expertise in developing fitness applications for a numerous clients and can help you in utilizing new technologies to make your application noticed in the App Store. Contact now!

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