How to Develop Applications for the Internet of Things


The Internet of things is the hot topic of conversation nowadays and it is not hard to explain why this is occurring. Before diving deep into this hot topic, it is must to understand what exactly IOT means. It refers to the connection of devices with the internet. Kitchen appliances, cars and even heart monitor can be connected through IOT. And, the list is expected to increase in the next few years.

Key Features of Healthcare Apps

While developing health-based apps, the mobile application developers should be aware of the essential features that must be stuffed into a health application. Moreover, these applications have been classified based on their particular features and their area of function. Thus, before we proceed onward to the main discussion and view how the health-based applications are serving as a lifesaving drug, let's first rapidly look at the general advantages of the application.

These things send and get information with the help of network relating with a variety of physical characteristics, for example, temperature, pulse rate, moisture level, light level, speed or cycles per minute – and also more complex information, for example, maintenance requirements, static or moving pictures and sounds.

The platform enables the network, the device and users to get connected with internet by means of a definite identifier. There is an embedded technology in IOT through which it communicates with the external environment. The thing in the Internet of Things can be any person with a heart monitor implant, an automobile that has built-in sensors, an appliance in your kitchen - or any other man-made or natural object that can be assigned an IP address.

Developing Applications for IOT

So, now if you have finally made the decision of developing applications for IOT, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration. Let’s have a quick glance at all of them:

1. Understand the Levels

The first order of organizations for the individuals who want to create IOT applications is to understand how they should act as a framework. To begin with, you have to consider the device themselves, which frame the main level of this system.

The next layer of the framework is the ingestion level, which incorporates the infrastructure and software to get or organize information. This level additionally includes the management of the information or data.

Next comes the analytics zone, which processes the information after its organization. Lastly, there's the end level that the user really observes. This is the application itself. As a designer, you'll probably need to concern yourselves with the end-client and analytic parts of the framework.

2. Choose an Appropriate and Convenient Platform

As a matter of first importance, the developers need to select an appropriate platform for the development procedure. You must keep in mind the fact that it must support the IOT applications and its parts.

The platforms, for example, Ubidots, Thingworx or Xively are IOT proven and offer the opportunity to design the best in class applications. Aside from that in case you are selecting an authenticated platform, you are likewise maintaining a strategic distance from the pointless exposures. With the assistance of these platforms, you don't need to begin anything from the earliest starting point.

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3. Make Apps Scalable

Your new application must be scalable. We're as of now observing a few types of the Internet of Things technology, but since it's still in its infancy this will most probably grow exponentially in the coming time. So, in case you want your application to succeed in the long term, it should have the capacity to scale up quickly when this happens.

4. Consider the Industry for IOT Application

Today, Internet of Things does not have restricted services but rather its scope has much broadened and expanded. And that's why it is essential to consider the industry. The industries are connected to the devices and system to offer solutions.

There are a diverse set of industries that are connected in a favorable way, for example, transportation, healthcare, energy resource, sports, manufacturing and so forth. Through IOT, it will become easy for the people to discover transportation, for example, connecting trains or buses. You will likewise need to discover ways to improve in connecting the things.

5. Isolating services from API Interface

While you are building up the applications for IOT, it becomes extremely vital to isolate the services from API interface. Why? This is because you want your application to easily keep running on mobile and web desktop. Managing your IOT apps well will give you better opportunities.

6. IOT Data Must be Secured Strongly

Security is a developer's first responsibility while handling client's data. You must offer a strong secured environment to IOT information particularly from the physical attacks. The security becomes extremely essential in case of GPS networks or banking applications.

7. Not Compromise with Speed and Quality

As an application developer, you have to remember that you can't neglect the speed and quality while making applications for the IOT. You have to concentrate on changing the ideas into reality and offer a stable working model. When you accomplish, you can think of being successful.


The Internet of Things is new into the technological field; however, is not a foreign term anymore. Continuously, Business Automation Solutions and IOT applications are growing and have come to a point where getting information and getting connected has turned out to be simpler and financially savvy. The applications for IOT are a challenge for the developers since it did not depend on the traditional techniques unlike web or mobile applications.

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