iAMS A complete
Asset Management Tool


An RFID based Asset Management System which apart from tracking your assets also helps to regulate the inventory and monitors the warehouse using latest technologies and advance developments. Asset Tracking Tool connects supply chain managers and warehouse owners directly online or through a mobile app to maintain fixed asset records up-to-date.

Product Showcase

Asset Management solution helps to monitor accounting, reporting, and property tracking across locations, states, departments, or teams. It is a supplement for a scalable, configurable integrated solution which for lifetime helps track fixed assets promote improved check-in/check-out processes, and error-free faster auditing. Following major services come along the tracking tool:

Asset Management Consumption Sectors

Roles Involved

Using Smartphones and Tablets Asset Tracking System configure data with cloud account so you can track your assets from anywhere at any time.


It mainly will consist of Admin who will be able to track and visualize all their inventory asset actions, staff activities and monitoring, inventory management, order and refill the assets that are at the bottleneck and analyze using predictions to have better asset insights.

A complete Asset Monitoring Tool for any field or domain. A wise way to track your Assets, Employees, and safeguard your invested assets by making use of dynamic insights and reporting tools.