iEMS A complete
Education Management Software

RFID based Education Management App to automate & manage manual processes, generate insights through analysis, and makes better, faster & predictive decisions.

A top-notch school and campus management system which smartly manages your staff, students, parents and keeps all activities in sync over the touch of a button. Student data management, attendance, admissions, registration forms, parent portals, accounts & fee collection, grade book, live staff & student tracking, and more, all can be handled by using iEMS.

Product Showcase

Education Management System App is user-friendly and provides 360-degree administration all the time. Beyond real-time student activity tracking, KIDTRAC – the student management software has a lot to offer in various other domains from student & staff management, admissions, result cards to administrative & parent coordination. Unleashing multiple features covered by school management software app:

Execution and Working

Online Education Management System coordinates everything smoothly keeping 360-degree visibility and handling overall management. Student Management System caters multiple features and helps to manage and administrate by automating all the manual processes and makes it accessible to coordinate school, staff, students, parents, payrolls, and inventory quite well.

School ERP Software involves three interfaces:


Students are meant to carry RFID based identity cards, which will permit their entry to school premises and will perform various tasks:

  • Mark Automatic Attendance
  • Live Online Assignment, performance and solution
  • Pay automatically for cafeteria


Parents can track their kid’s activity sitting anywhere on the phone accumulating various features:

  • Timely result and performance updates
  • Chat Integration to communicate & collaborate with other parents and teachers
  • Recharge kid’s food coupon online & get activity notifications


Through the School Information System, Teachers have access to perform various activities:

  • Track students location, performance & other activities
  • Check student’s attendance and self-attendance data
  • Get salary updates and student notifications


A single niche software for handling and managing your school and can be customized specifically to fit your particular needs. An all-round Smart School Management Software to care for your system.