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Getting unauthorized movement alerts, theft detection, and off-hours use alerts using best

Real-time mobile and web-based smart fleet tracking platform using IoT, beacons, and Machine Learning. We are monitor your drivers, significantly manage your business, and have much more to offer apart from taking your operations forward.

Product Showcase

Fleet Management System can automate various tasks, with a comprehensive suite of GPS based tools.

Fleet & Asset Management from vehicle telematics, driver management, vehicle management, logistics & inventory management, taxi booking & food delivery, insurance & safety management, to alerts, notifications & history can handle it all. Coming up with various fleet management software features:

Taxi Booking

Fleet Tracking Software provides the facility of booking a nearby cab with multiple cab selection options with driver details, budget, and several payment gateway integrations.

Fleet Management

GPS Fleet Tracking App gives live status, tracks your vehicle, provides history, and generates immediate analysis and reports along with receiving notifications via email and SMS on crossing geo-fencing areas. It helps in customer satisfaction and better field communication.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Time is Priority. That’s why we have smartly designed this solution to help you save time while planning your conferences, allowing you to manage amazing experiences before, during, and after your conferences.

Route Optimization

By creating & defining routes & zones for the driver, truck fleet management software helps to reduce fuel consumption and regulate vehicle mileage.

Automatic Reporting

From detailed daily information of the vehicle to robust custom reports, you can view & print data-rich reports for precisely what data you look for using fleet management software solutions.


Fleet management & tracking system collaborating with insurance companies keeps driving score under the track of each registered user, thus enabling safety.

Logistics Management

With the help of fleet management software warehouse, purchasing, and inventory management can be tracked entirely and improved at lesser maintenance and least costs.

Compliance Management

Fleet Management Solution automates the system by cutting paperwork, improving driver efficiency & safety, minimizing violations, and reducing administrative costs.

Employee Profiles

Fleet Management Software System provides detailed information and transaction particulars of all the drivers and other working employees.

With 24/7 real-time visibility,

analysis and tracking Fleet Management App monitors and safeguard your vehicle and assets.