iHMS A complete
Hospital Management Software

RFID A Hospital Management App for all the clinics, physicians, and hospitals, to manage the environment digitally.

With RFID and Beacon based technology, automated hospital management system allows for tracking patients, nurses & doctors and generates innovative reports integrating the financial, clinical, and doctor-patient oriented solution.

Product Showcase

Hospital Information Management System automates multiple manual tasks by efficiently simplifying & handling various roles. Healthcare management app helps health providers to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, manage smooth working in the hospital, and generate awareness regarding people health among masses. Presenting a few feature highlights in the application:

Execution and Working

HealthCare Management System with its custom features well handles Inpatient & Outpatient Management, Pharmacy, Billing, Payrolls, Scheduling & Patient Appointment, Inventory & Instrument Management and more.Handling various terfaces, the hospital management software system provides atients, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and administration easy access.

Defining major App roles for:

iHMS by automating your primary hospital operations and improving the quality of patient care streamlines EHR, EMR Systems which help in yielding optimal performance using Business Intelligence for Revenue Cycle Management.


  • Mark Automatic Attendance
  • Live Online Assignment, performance and solution
  • Pay automatically for cafeteria


  • Track patient activities
  • Manage medicine & Instrument inventory
  • Engage in tasks and polls created by physicians and admin online


  • Schedule appointments
  • Chat with nurse/ doctor in case of emergency
  • Get an appointment and reschedule notifications


  • Track doctors, nurses and get real-time attendance updates
  • Track and regulate inventory, pharmacy, and get visualization analysis.
  • Real-time Analysis of a count of patients for OPD, Surgery, Testing, and more.


A multi-tasking Hospital Management Tool for all the clinics, hospitals, and healthcare institutes, to manage their tasks hustle-free and for custom automating their requirements into development accordingly.