Laravel is a great resource for any entrepreneur.


Quick and functional core that can be extended, Quick and functional core that can be extended, Effective ORM and database layer, Easy integration with third-party libraries (AWS, export libs, etc.). You can use Composer or Packagist to include libraries in your project.


iSos app gives offices the power for ‘in the moment’ feedback from all office employees’ or specific teams, exactly when the employers need it.

Working wireless

iSos makes your office processes easier. It makes indoor navigation more efficient, enabling employees to better find their way to where they have to execute different activities or to where issues were reported. It allows you to analyze the behavior of employees: How much time does one spend at a certain department? What are the used pathways? etc.

End Note

These hyperlocal messages prove to be a great way to engage staff to the workspace and connecting them to their physical settings in a very digital way. It is simplifying employees’ access to workplace while collecting the valuable information and saving employers money by helping them to right-size their corporate space and operates office blocks more proficiently and resourcefully.

Together with you, we can design a custom fit network and increase the effectiveness of your work, communication and productivity of your business to a completely new level.

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