7 Things to Consider Before Developing Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018


With so many studies and research out there on the upcoming marketing tools and technologies, how would you know or decide which ones you should focus on?

To help you in developing an effective marketing strategy for 2018, we have made the list of top 7 latest trends to follow this year. Have a look and find the most needed trend you should think about as you strategize for the year ahead.

Keywords Strategy


The keyword strategy in Digital Marketing will change a bit in the coming years. Gone are the times of launching actions by putting a few keywords to a couple of generic ads and expecting results.

No doubt, keywords are still necessary. But, their significance will keep blurring as customers expect more and more personalized messaging these days. Advertisements must be tailored to every person at the ideal time in their purchasing journey. Accordingly, digital marketing organizations must keep putting efforts in segmenting, identifying and overlaying audiences, to then serve particular creative that target the right individuals at the right time.

Mobile Is No Longer an Option - It Is a Necessity


This year, mobile marketing needs to be at the top of any marketer's agenda. Below mentioned are a few points that you need to consider:

Location Specific ads: Mentioning a location in mobile ads and search results can increase click-through rates up to 200%.

Site Speed Should Be Fast: 74% of consumers will wait maximum 5 seconds for a web page to load on a mobile device before leaving the site.

Along with mobile optimization, marketers must focus on a mobile-centric approach to guarantee positive user experience, which has direct effect on the sales.

Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology has quickly developed to claim a third of the budget of marketing. Promotions, sales and commerce stacks now contain the whole customer journey from acquisition to fulfillment. Marketing stacks need to become more customers centric, rationalized, grown and rejuvenated. The client interfacing platforms will be incorporated into the bigger digital enterprise backbone. The paste holding this together is data along with open APIs.

Interface Proliferation

Voice, VR and AR interfaces are going to explode. We are already observing bots all over the place; however, the voice is going to take off no doubt. Google is opening up its assistant to different makers of loudspeakers. It likely won't be long before everybody can utilize it as a framework for their own savvy gadgets. AmazonAmazon, Facebook, Apple and numerous others will stick to this same pattern.

Content Demands Continues to Grow

Brands need to produce high-quality content to get their voice heard and to stay digitally relevant in order to get attention. The viable technique isn't simply more content production but to distribute content more effectively than competitors. Algorithmic changes by FB and other social media platforms are efficiently lessening organic reach. Advertisers must adjust for this with smarter content distribution techniques, tools, for example, employer advocacy and savvy social media purchases. B2B marketers should completely grasp account-based promoting strategies.

A decent distribution technique consolidates analytics with a sound blend of experimentation and innovations. Content modularization is an unquestionable requirement for high levels of personalization. Content ideas empowering adaptability and reusability are in demand. Good performance and high reach content are going to be a part of marketing strategy in the coming years because algorithms monitor, support and take part in real conversations across social platforms, gadgets and user contexts. It is an endless race to capture the hearts and minds of clients.

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Customer Experience Development

A customer experience technique and its execution are crucial for every brand trying to embark on a digital revolution journey. Digital organizations that deliver everything from transport and child food to yoga lessons on-request are setting the benchmarks for convenience and brilliant experiences for clients. Connected gadgets and client friendly digital applications make the greater part of this possible. CX mapping, customer travel data management, client experience monitoring and streamlining are some of the tools for new CX trade.

Bitter Twitter


In opposition to other social platforms, Twitter is trying to increase its user growth.

A year ago, Twitter attempted to shake up the platform by multiplying its 140-character limit, but the positive effect coming because of this change is yet to be seen. However, a few clients complaint that by extending character limits, Twitter has lost one of its key recognizing feature from other social media platforms.

Even more, brands are no longer as exact in their messaging as they used to be. This change may thusly end up having a further negative effect on user growth, and Twitter is probably going to keep getting a little bit of the pie.

On the other hand, Instagram is developing at an exceptional rate. Since presenting their latest tool in 2017, Instagram Stories has turned out to be progressively more popular than their rival Snapchat.

Today, people expect that brands have identities or personalities just like human beings. They want that digital marketing companies break the walls and discover ways to truly connect, whether through personalization or in the real time at the correct time over channels. By understanding and following these trends in the digital space, you'll be better prepared in 2018 to break that fourth wall with buyers — without burning up all available resources.

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