User Experience: The Best Web Design Practice for a Stunning Website


User experience is a widely used topic in web design circles, but sometimes the business owners tend to dismiss a vague idea. This belief can cost you and your company a lot of money, so holding onto such a mindset is unfortunate.

The web design must be functional and this states that it should create a good user experience. Effective web design is a further step and enhances the user experience by creating an intuitive layout, telling a compelling story, and serves up what the user is looking for when they want to see it. For this reason, web designers are taking an active interest in the user experience to ensure that their designs are anticipating the needs of the target market.

Therefore, creating compelling content, bringing traffic to your pages and impressing potential customers with design will become meaningless if people don’t like any interaction with your website. If they are not satisfied with the process of looking for resources and information, they will not hang around for very long. They certainly don’t bother to bookmark your page, share with the friends and colleagues, or again return in the future.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the best web design practices for a great user experience:

1. Responsive Web Design

Smartphone and tablet users make up the majority of the web pages today. So, a web designer needs a responsive web design that adapts itself to any screen size or mobile browser.

2. Accessibility

As a web designer, you should focus on those users who may have disabilities. A number of online users have vision deficiencies, including color blindness.

One thing that the designers can easily do is to improve the user experience for the visually impaired is to make sure that alt tags are clear. In addition, avoiding certain colors that would make it difficult for those who are colorblind to completely absorb the text can make the site enjoyable for anyone. This readability is tremendously important to user experience.

3. Filtering for E-Commerce

E-Commerce is the best practice of Web Design Company. E-Commerce sites receive many benefits by adding filtering options. These options allow the site visitors to search by category, color, size, etc. By adding filtering options, visitors don’t get frustrated to go back to home page and start with each new feature of a product.

Another way to add filtering options would add an incremental search option that anticipates matches which you are looking for.

4. Incorporate Site Visitor Suggestions

Make a survey of your regular visitors and get some feedback on what changes they have seen in the overall design. You can do multivariate testing to see which elements the users prefer and come up with a landing page that works best for your site visitors. For example, a live chat option that could help in troubleshooting questions about your products and services.

5. Add Call to Action Buttons and Words

Call to actions can turn the browsers into the buyers. If your website conversions are not as high as you thought of, this is one simple thing that you can change which will drive conversion rates up. However, it is not as simple as adding a button or two that calls for action.

6. Balance with White Space

One of the most important things while creating a design for excellent user experience is the amount of white space.

If the visitors’ experience too many choices on a page, the content will be overwhelmed very quickly. For this, they utilize simple layouts with bold images and lots of white space. The white space creates a balance and as such helps you to go on the next page.

Final Words

Ultimately, the best practices are the ones that make your site an amazing experience for the visitors. If the site visitors truly enjoy their time on your site and find it beneficial, they will also tell others, and hence, this will increase your traffic exponentially.

A top best web design services Company has slightly different design styles that perfectly suit your business. Cerebrum specifies that website designing is an amazing way of increasing your business by attracting more customers. We design websites for the customer who helps in gaining you the visibility and differentiation on this digital platform. Contact us today for more insights!

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