About Us

Its modular tools give you the freedom to focus on your most important tasks—like gaining valuable insight, providing teachers with more class time, letting students learn in a safe environment, and delivering peace of mind to parents. Throughout Globe, our large and small districts have found the freedom to achieve. Liberate your staff from paperwork and end that extra data entry! Freedom means one-click access to all of your operations and security services, seamlessly integrated with your existing SIS.


Just follow few simple steps to setup your school and smartly manage it with real-time data analysis


One software suite to manage all; Be it building management, communication or Kids activities

  • Ease of Communication

    Connects Teachers, Administrators, Students, and Parents.

  • Library Management

    Want to manage your Library smartly

  • Admin Management

    Manage Administrative work with ease of technology

  • Accounts and Fee Collection

    Manage Recurring reminders and Fee receipts

  • Attendance Management

    Want to Record Attendance automatically

  • Visitor Management

    Want to Manage guest activities

  • Security management

    High Level data security

Exceptional features

Here are the features that will make your business easier

Smart Attendance

Leveraging IOT expertise for marking attendance using wall mounted RFID readers

Dedicated mobile Apps

Dedicated mobile apps for Teaching Staff, Parents, Security and Cafeteria incharge

Beacon-based navigation

Indoors GPS navigation may fail, but our intelligent Beacon based nav system will assist you to reach your desired classroom.


In case of an emergency or when someone is crossing a GeoFence it will send an emergency sms to the Parents and administrative Staff.

Custom Notification

Broadcast new updates using real time push notifications to all stakeholders.