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All About On-Demand Home Services Apps


On-demand home services apps are gaining popularity as users are welcoming them with open arms. Today's lifestyle is fast, and everyone wants easy access to services at home, and that's why on-demand home services are becoming greatly popular. Before we go to the fundamentals of on-demand home services apps, let us see the exact services it provides. The on-demand services app acts as a platform where users can efficiently hire professionals for their household chores. It has all the required functionalities that make the whole process seamless.

Got an electricity problem at home? Hire an electrician near your home who will fix it in no time. Want salon services at home? No problem, call a service provider at home within minutes. Similarly, these apps help fix air conditioner problems, pest control, dog walking, and all other household problems. In this fast-paced lifestyle on-demand, home service apps act as a savior. These apps are going to be hugely popular. A decade ago, the online market was not vast, but see what a difference a decade has made. Now we rely on the internet to buy every small little thing. In the internet era, people depend on digital methods to get services, and only the businesses that provide an extra edge will survive the competition.

We see companies like UrbanClap (now Urban Company), and Uber, etc. are hugely popular among the lovers of on-demand services. Today's generation is the largest consumer of the internet and also the largest consumer of on-demand home services. This will result in huge market growth in the coming years. In addition to that, the major reason that on-demand apps are becoming increasingly popular is because of the direct connection it establishes between a service provider and a customer. Furthermore, there are many low-cost solutions that help in setting up an on-demand delivery app. It is a great thing for startups as they can set up their business with a small budget.

Though building these kinds of apps is still in the budding stage, there are already some established names in it. Handyman, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, are well-known services in this vertical.

Strategies That Will Help You Grow as a Top Home Service App Provider :

Get To Know About Customers' Need

Before starting on-demand app development, it is important to understand your target audience and what they require. To do this, you should conduct market research and surveys. It will greatly help you to understand what exactly your target audience is looking for. Identifying customer needs go a long way and help you to get insights that will help you to make a strategy to reach your goal.

Keep an Eye on Top Players

In addition to your customers' needs, you should also have knowledge about your competitors and what they are doing. Analyze and study your competition; it will help you to create something better than they are already providing. Know about the features and functionality your competitors are providing. It will also boost you to provide the best on-demand home services app.

Punctuality Factor

Since it is an on-demand service, time is a crucial factor. To be successful, provide the services on time; otherwise, customers won't prefer you. To make customers happy, provide services on time or before time. If a customer is happy, he/she will post positive reviews and will inform his/her near and dear ones.

App Onboarding Experience

There is no doubt that competition in the world of on-demand mobile apps is tough. It is advised to take onboarding seriously. Make the onboarding experience a seamless one; when a user downloads your app, he should be able to engage easily and face no trouble.

Proper Use of Push Notification

Push notifications can make or break your image in the eyes of users. Right usage of push notifications can immensely help your business, but sending annoying push notifications throughout the day mindlessly promoting user app can result in users deleting your app from his smartphone. When you provide useful information through push notifications, which is of a user's help, the user will be happy.

Believe In Your Product

Remember, it's your product, and you should have faith in it. Just marketing of the product is not enough; it should have strong features as well. Your product should have features that can survive the fierce competition. Make a strong foundation; if the foundation is weak, no matter how tall your structure is, it will eventually fall.

  • Necessary Features for your app
  • Key features for the user's app
  • Filters to browse Service Providers

The on-demand home services app should allow users to use different filters to browse professionals. Users should not find it hard to find services. Filters such as finding the service provider based on how far he is, cost, and specialty would considerably manifold the user experience.

Schedule Service

As the name suggests, on-demand home services are "on-demand." The user should be provided the flexibility to choose the desired time slot for the service. This way, users will be able to book the service in advance.

Approval Notification

In any on-demand application, real-time notifications play a crucial role. Make sure that the user gets a notification once the service provider approves the request.

Secure Multiple Payment Options

Your on-demand home services app should have secure and multiple payment options. Credit cards, debit cards, and wallets, etc. should be there. The more the options, the more are the chances that you get users as your clients who have different preferences. In addition to that, you should make sure that all the transactions are totally secure.

Rate & review

Your app must have the feature for review. Once the service is over, he reviews the service provider. The feature acts as feedback and helps as a guide for other users to select the service provider with high ratings.

Help & Support

While using the app, users, whether new or existing, face some difficulties. To resolve their queries, the app must have a Help & support feature. It is a mix of FAQs, chat support, and customer helpline support.

Important Features for the Service-Providers App


Quick Registration & Profile Approval

Your App must have a simpler registration process for service providers, which does not consume an excess of time. If the registration process is complex, there are chances that the service provider will leave the process. Once the registration is done, the service provider will start getting assignments as per his specialty.

Real-Time Request

Service providers should be able to receive inquiry requests in real-time, and they should get a notification right away. Fast notifications are crucial to your app's success. For inquiry notifications, the service provider should receive text alerts, push notifications, and emails.

Accept/Reject Requests


After receiving the request, the service provider should have the authority to either accept or reject the request. If he likes the job and other aspects such as how far he has to travel, etc. he can make the request.


Chat with Customer


In any on-demand App, communication is a necessity. The app should have an in-built chat system, which connects service providers with users. They can discuss the important details of the service.


Additional Costs and Payment Details


The service providers should be able to mention any additional costs such as transportation costs or any other costs and add different payment details such as bank account number, PayPal, bank account no. etc.


Customer Feedback


The feedback process should work both ways. So, you must provide a customer feedback feature in which service providers can rate users on different criteria. The criteria could be how well the customer provided the instructions, the behavior of customers, etc.

Crucial Features For Admin Panel

Interactive Dashboard


An interactive panel is a must-have feature for the admin panel. The dashboard is a control center for the whole app. You can track and control every action from here. Ensure that the dashboard is easy-to-access.


Manage Service Providers


There should be a feature with which you can manage and verify all service providers. The feature helps avoid any fraudulent people; you can stop them from registering.


Manage Payments


To avoid any confusion, later on, you must state commissions clearly. In addition to that, you must see that all transactions between users and service providers are safe as well as quick. The feature will help in resolving payment issues.


Manage Promotions


Promoting the app is important. To do so, you can offer special discounts and promos. The feature allows you to know about your progress with respect to the discounts offered. It helps you get insights and stats that will help you provide discounts and coupons in a better way.


Reviews Management


For any business, reviews are important. They guide users as well as service providers. You will be able to review all the reviews from both sides. You can mention top performers on the basis of reviews.




Analytics is of utmost importance as you get insights about your business with analytics. This is very crucial as it allows you to get vital insights into your business. These stats help you make informed decisions about your business. You can check the progress and make strategies to make the required changes.


Cost To Make an On-Demand Home Service App


The question that must be coming to your mind is, how much would it cost to make an on-demand home services app? An app that has all the necessary features, how much will it take to build such an app? The answer to this question is complex. We will try to explain it one by one.


The first and foremost thing is that there are many important factors that decide the cost of an on-demand home service app. These factors are:


  • Location

    The cost of on-demand home services apps depends mainly on its location & country. In the US and Europe, the cost of developing such apps will be high compared to building the same apps in Asia.


  • Number of Features

    The number of features and cost are directly proportional to each other. More features mean more cost.


  • UI/UX

    User interface and graphics play a vital role in deciding the cost of an app. User friendly apps are costlier.


Final Words


On-demand home services apps are becoming popular in the market. There are many on-demand services apps that are reigning the market, but there are so many possibilities that you can explore. To be successful, it's crucial to know what users are looking for. By making a strategy through proper market research, including important features, and promoting your app, and listening to users' suggestions, you can be successful in the world of on-demand home services apps.


It is always the best idea to take guidance and help from people who know everything about on-demands home services apps.

Rupinder Kaur

Rupinder is passionate about exploring and writing on technology and keeps herself up-to-date with the latest market trends. Apart from writing and impressing the target audience with her unique writing style, she loves driving and is a nature enthusiast.

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