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What Features You Can Expect From Perfect Healthcare Management Software?

January 16, 2020 | 06 Mins Read

Nowadays, everything runs on technology. Technology makes the work easier and smooth in every sector. In the healthcare sector, technology is helping through hospital management software. The hospital management software is a web-based system for computerization of hospital. The software manages all aspects of a hospital to ensure an optimized workflow.

Hospital management workflow includes many decisions that need to be taken in an efficient as well as quick way. Without hospital management software, there are disruptions in the work, and it takes a lot of precious time to complete those tasks that can be completed within minutes with the help of hospital management software.

There is no doubt that hospital management has changed a lot over the past decade. Modern technology, mobile apps have changed the face of the healthcare industry. Certainly, modern technology has helped healthcare in more than one way. The interaction between the hospital staff and patients can be simplified even more with the technology.

The best hospital management software handles administrative, financial, and medical work and ensures successful completion of these tasks. The software helps in automating various tasks so that administrative staff has fewer burdens of trivial tasks and they can focus on the betterment of the hospital.

Through the hospital management software, the experience of patients can be improved multifold. The software helps in better communication between hospital and patients, automates daily tasks, manage human as well as financial resources, outline policies, and can provide the uninterrupted supply chain.

The main requirement of a hospital is security and quality. The hospital management software is highly secure and arranges data precisely without any error. Hospitals can increase their efficiency and quality of services by choosing the software solution, which meets their needs. Hospital management software can serve multispecialty hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions.

For medical specialists, the hospital management system, which contains information about the patient in one place, is always beneficial as it helps in doing the work more efficiently. Hospital management software automates the process of registration of new patients, filling out the necessary information. Doctors can check the history of the patient, test reports, and can add new data to the profile of the patient. The software helps doctors by reducing too much paperwork, and they can access the patient’s data easily. The hospital management software enables doctors to spend more time on the treatment of the patient rather than the documentation. The hospital authorities get the automated control of every interaction in their facility.

Features of Hospital Management Software

Below are the features of hospital management software, which makes it beneficial for all types of hospitals and clinics:

Asset Database

iHMS maintains a complete database of all the assets of the hospital. The software helps hospitals to manage assets in different departments. With all data in one place, hospitals can resolve issues in real-time.

Patient registration

Registration of new patients consumes a lot of time. Patients have to wait in long queues and wait for their turn. The registration process adds to the frustration of patients. Patients have to show registration slips each time they come to the hospital, and if they lose the slip, they have to go through the registration step again. The whole process is not patient-friendly, but the hospitals also need to maintain patient records.

The online hospital management system provides an adequate solution to this problem. The patients are registered once into the system, and the records remain for a lifetime. The whole process is automated and takes less time. Patients don’t have to worry about losing the registration slips as the data is secure in the system and can be retrieved anytime.

Easy Patient Management

Managing patients’ records is not an easy task; whenever there are errors, they can cost dearly to patients.  Hospital Management Advance Software handles patients’ data in an effective manner. Information like the patient’s name, age, gender, address, medical history, etc. needs to be secure and accurate; there is no place of error. And all this information should have easy access so that when the information is needed, it can be retrieved in minimum time. Hospital management software makes it possible to get the data when needed and makes the whole process of data management hassle-free.

Lab Reports Management

In multispecialty hospitals, there are thousands of lab reports to take care of. Managing such huge data takes time. Lab reports are needed fast by patients so that doctors can start the treatment at the earliest. Delay in lab reports can cause a delay in the treatment. Arranging multiple lab reports of one patient at a single place takes time, and managing so many reports of so many different patients is difficult. An online hospital management system helps in making all the reports online, which can only be accessed by staff members and concerned patients. The software is error-free, and the data never gets misplaced.

Ease of Appointment Making

Healthcare management application provides the ease of making an appointment. You can make an appointment anytime without calling the hospital. The software allows you to choose the doctors, check their availability, and choose the date and time the patient wants to visit the hospital. There is no need to call or visit just to make the appointment. The feature saves the time of both patients and doctors.

Heat Maps

Heat maps help hospital management to do staff management better. Heat maps denote the number of people in a particular department, like OPD, ICU, etc. at a given time. Heat maps help to depict the peak hours in the hospital. As there is a maximum number of patients during peak hours, more staff is required at that time. With the hospital management software, it is easy to know peak hours at various departments of the hospital. Hospital management can arrange the staff accordingly.

Patient Tracking

Patient tracking feature of hospital information system software helps in easy tracking of patients. Through the software, it can be easily tracked on which floor the patient is, what treatment he is undergoing in the hospital, and so on.

Staff Tracking

Hospital management software allows easy tracking of the staff. In case of an emergency, it can be easily tracked where a particular doctor, lab technician, or another member of staff is.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment tracking is yet another beneficial feature of hospital management software. It can prove dangerous for the lives of patients when the right equipment is not found at the right time. By placing RFID based levels, one can get to know on which floor, in which department the equipment is, it makes finding easy and hassle-free. On top of that, you can find the equipment in real-time.

Equipment Maintenance

Regular maintenance of equipment is of utmost importance for any hospital. Many times hospitals sideline the regular maintenance and only pay attention when the equipment breaks down. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the equipment. Hospital management software sends reminders about periodic maintenance of the piece of equipment, which helps hospitals to stay on track in terms of equipment maintenance.


Hospital management software is highly reliable and secure. The data in the database can only be accessed by authorized staff. The software is reliable; there are no errors, no crashes, and data can be retrieved in minimum time. In the case of a natural disaster, the data doesn’t get lost; it can be retrieved whenever needed.

Benefits of Using Hospital Management Software For Your Hospital

Hospital management software is a must-have solution for any hospital. Below are various benefits of hospital management software:

Easy Access to Data

When you use hospital management software, you can access data easily. There is no need to go through bundles of files and scan each and every page. With the software, you just have to enter the patient’s registration number, and all the data will be in front of you. In the search, you can shortlist the documents you wish to see. Doctors can search for patient’s information; this helps them to view reports anytime. Similarly, you can avail of the information of any member of the staff.

Greater Efficiency

The hospital management automates many processes, which means there is greater efficiency. Patients don’t have to go to the registration counter every time they visit the hospital. Patients can make online appointments, which saves time. The software doesn’t face problems such as fatigue, miscommunication, and lack of focus. The software can complete all the tasks in a short span of time.

Minimum Scope of Error

Well implemented software enables you to work without any errors. When there is no human intervention, there are no errors. The automation of the system prevents any errors from occurring.


Hospital management software reduces the need for costly manual labor to a great extent. Since manual work is reduced, less number of people is required. Reducing the burden of manpower saves money. The system also helps you to save on storage as well.


With the advancement in technology, hospitals have access to hospital management software, which makes managing hospital easy and smooth. Patients, doctors, and the management of hospitals benefit from the software. Hospital management software ensures smooth workflow within the hospital.


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