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Future of Online Ordering and Delivery Post Pandemic

Future of Online Ordering and Delivery Post Pandemic


23 Dec, 2020

In the pandemic, a lot of things have come to a standstill. But also, there are various new businesses that have come with innovative ideas, and even the pandemic couldn’t stop them. Food ordering app is one such business that has stood out from the rest. Small, medium and big businesses are extensively using on-demand delivery apps to reach out to customers and provide them with a great experience.

Technology is evolving at a fast pace. Products that were in the market a year ago have become outdated. Restaurants and new Technology should go hand in hand in today’s world. Restaurants that embrace Technology stay in the race, and for those who don’t, their future is uncertain. There is a tough competition, and to survive that, you have to be on top of your game.

In the pandemic, we are stuck indoors. It’s human nature to seek comfort. It was during this time that we realized how easy it is to order hot and delicious food delivered at our doorsteps, how easy it is to get groceries, medicines, and other on-demand services instantly. Gone are the days when we have to find time from our busy schedules to get basic necessities. Technology has made everything easy. There are many restaurants that provide grocery items to earn some extra bucks; it is likely to be continued in 2021.

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Contactless or More Human Interaction

In 2020, contactless delivery was the need of the hour. Restaurants and other businesses boast of contactless delivery. There was fear of coronavirus everywhere; everyone wanted to be safe. Safety measures like washing hands frequently, wearing face masks and gloves, sanitizing every corner became mandatory.

In  the year 2021, everyone wants to return to a normal way of life. After being away from human contact for almost a year, everyone would welcome human interaction. There is no doubt that restaurants would continue contactless technology; we will have a normal restaurant experience while minimizing contact. Digital menus, tableside ordering, and payment apps are the products of technology that help in minimizing contact.

Robots in the Restaurants

In 2020, we witnessed robots entering restaurants. Robotic kitchen startup Spyce debuted Robots in restaurants, and the company is planning to expand to different cities in the country.

Flippy, the robotic chef is famous for flipping burgers. We can see it in White Castle and CaliBurger. It has thermal sensors that determine when to flip the burgers and when they should be removed from the grill. Artificial intelligence and automation are making it easy to have smart menu boards and Voice AI at the drive-thru.

When we return to our normal schedule, it makes sense to keep takeout options and contactless delivery open. There might be people who wouldn’t feel comfortable to come back to old ways right away. For those customers, takeout and delivery options are great. In this pandemic, with the help of an on-demand food delivery app, many restaurants have broadened their reach. They have found new ways to reach out to customers and offer their services. Now, restaurants have a variety of options to choose from; if they don’t want to depend on third-party services, they can develop their own food delivery apps and provide their customers with the best on-demand food delivery services.

Also, restaurants understand fully well that customers want contactless pickup options, and for that, Pizza Hut, a leading Pizza chain, allows its customers to pick up their food order without leaving their car. Customers can order line and drive to Pizza hut, and they can open their car trunk, and call the team and tell them about your order, and they will bring your order outside and place it in your car trunk.

Is your restaurant ready for 2021?

Do you think your restaurant is ready for 2021? Without a doubt, we are going to see some technological advances in restaurant operations in 2021. It is challenging to make the shifts required at the moment, but these shifts will work wonders for your restaurants.

Evolve to Stay in the Game

No matter whether you are a legacy brand or a startup, to be successful in the restaurant business, you need to adapt to the change. Evolving continuously allows you to stay in the game. You have to adapt to changing trends and new technology.

Restaurants are not only about food but the experience they provide to customers. Speed and convenience are integral parts of a great customer experience. Digital technology has been playing a huge role in every industry, and the food industry is no different. Consumers like to order online as it is convenient; that’s why food apps and third-party on-demand delivery services have come up to provide consumers the utmost experience. 

Change is the one constant in every industry. Customer preferences and tastes evolve, and restaurants have to innovate continuously to stay relevant. Today’s customer wants new experiences and that too, without having to wait. You have to step up your restaurant game to provide customers with great taste, speed, convenience, and ease of use. 

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Final Words

The year 2020 was unexpected. There were a lot of challenges, and the restaurant industry had to come up with new solutions to keep them running. In 2021, it is best to embrace Technology. With technology, one can deliver a stellar customer experience. You have to analyze frustrations that customers face and how to overcome them with the help of advanced technology solutions. Restaurants need to streamline both front-end and back-end operations and make them fast. In 2021, we will see more and more restaurants using food delivery app development services to develop their own apps to provide their customers with the best experience and to reach out to new customers in an easy way.

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