About Us

Taxiroot will assist you improving your services as well as maximizing your revenue. Your customers will no longer have to deal with the hassle of calling a taxi booking company and wonder if the driver will arrive on time. Your drivers will be able to accept pickup, view customer’s location/details, start/end trip and rate the customer. Company administrator can manage taxi service business online including dispatcher module for later bookings.that with iCMS you can solve majority of the issues and smartly achieve your conference goals.


Just follow few simple steps to setup a fleet and smartly manage it with real-time data analysis


One software suite to manage all aspects of a fleet from planning, to successful execution.

  • Dedicated mobile Apps

    Dedicated mobile apps for Customers and Drivers.

  • Smart and Intelligent Booking Engine

    Cohesive Booking Engine for easy bookings and intelligent algorithm to calculate available drivers

  • Efficient Use of Resources

    Increase vehicle and driver utility %

  • Easy and cost effective maintenance

    Cross Platform Compatibility.

  • AI based cost calculations

    It Offers fares as per the demand and availability.

  • Browser Support

    Use over browsers, no installation required.

  • Flexibility to use

    Anytime, anywhere access to your account.


Industries We Cater to

Cab/Taxi booking

Get the right vehicles at the right price without sacrificing safety or productivity


Our goal is to help your logistics management team improve their warehouse, inventory and purchasing management, and at the lowest possible


IT Dash Cam and Black Box Telematics recording capabilities for your car and vehicle journeys


Cerebrum’s Fleet Management System lets the insurance companies analyze and keep track of the driving score of each registered user. Insurers then use this data to


Goal is to help your Food deliveries team to improve their delivery time, vehicle availability and pickup management at the lowest possible cost.