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Hospital Management System is a smartly designed mechanism to help hospitals track and generate reports for the daily tracking of patients, nurses, and doctors. With expert healthcare domain knowledge and ability to make high quality and secure systems, Cerebrum enables the Health Care Service providers with RFID enabled features to build and implement front-line technology to enhance Health Care Processes. The system provides solutions that are innovative and add absolute technical edge to our client’s healthcare processes and positions them well, in the highly evolving and progressive field.


Cerebrum offers solutions that are innovative and add absolute technical edge to our client’s application and positions them well in the highly evolving and competitive field of IT


One software suite to manage all aspects of your hospital from planning, to successful execution.

  • Tracking for Patients, Doctors and Staff

    IOT has changed people’s lives in many ways including helping hospitals track patients, doctors, and medical staff members. It helps the hospital streamline the working of the hospital and manage workflows. That not only helps medical staff but also ensures that optimum care is given to the patients. It also helps the hospitals to improve patient monitoring especially in the case of cognitively and physically impaired patients with critical health risks.

  • Improved clinical decision-making Improved clinical decision-making

    The Healthcare management system provides matrices to understand peak hour patient flow at different rooms like the OPD, OT, and ICU. Thus, facilitating better decision making and preferred results for the hospital. Integration with hospital data analytics services and Web interface for consulting doctors to view appointment schedules not only provides easy access to information but provides quick reports at the click of a button.

  • Patient History and Lab reports management

    A patient’s medical history and lab records with the hospital are easily managed and kept within the system securely as electronic medical records. It facilitates data tracking of the patient over time and can access information easily in case of a medical emergency. That also helps to avoid errors and track every single detail of the patient’s relationship with the hospital

Exceptional features

Here are the features that will make your business easier

Asset Database

The solution enables you to maintain a complete digital database of all your hospital assets in one place, enabling you to manage assets in different departments easily

Equipment Maintenance

Your staff can also use this solution to identify the assets which are due for periodic repair, or require replacement

Equipment Tracking

The equipment tracking solution works by placing RFID labels on hospital equipments. RFID readers allows tracking of these equipments in real time and displayed over mobile devices.

Save replacement cost

Lower inventory expense with minimal misplacement and optimized usage

Save time

Reduce unnecessary equipment movement and boost response time