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iAMS Asset Management Software

An RFID Based Asset Tracking System To Regulate The Inventory And Monitors The Warehouse Using Latest Technologies And Advance Developments.

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RFID Readers and Antennas

Wall-mounted RFID readers and high-throughput antennas are used, which gives detailed real-time information and track your assets. You can even track the exact real-time positioning of the provided asset in your warehouse using online asset management software.


Label Scanning

Offering a wide range of expertise on RFID Tags for any assets that you wish to track through asset management system either IT-based asset, HealthCare Instruments, Equipment & Tools, Furniture, Clothes, Supermarket Goods, Plastic Asset, in-pocket, Metal, Asset Management Tool provides various RFID Tags for different purposes.


Mobile/ Tab based RFID Readers

You can equip your asset tracking tool staff, by the help of the asset management solution which provides the facility for Mobile/ Tab RFID Readers to give and track real-time updates of assets, perform changes on-the-spot, and track & know the details of the missing items.

Manage Your Assets Effectively

Dynamic Custom Reports

It helps to analyze reports, increase productivity, reduce costs, by providing actionable insights & assessments of asset lifecycle which help to visualize and compile the data with asset tracking solution that keeps you updated regarding the stock and all other details around that.

Alerts and Scheduled Maintenance

It identifies the items and sends alerts & notifications through integrated asset management system to both the inventory managers and stock providers regarding the stock which is at the bottleneck and inform both the inventory managing and stock providing party to order and refill the stock before it reaches the finish line.

Product/ Service Catalog

Asset Management Software provides asset and resources master listing capturing product specific information such as name, version, edition, license agreement, and other vital data of the labeled products.

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