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iCMS Conference Management Software

A perfect conference management app for your smooth event management & planinng

Delight All The Exhibitors & Sponsors With High ROI

A smart online event management software using Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning & IoT Sensors to make your networking more interactive, personalized attendee preferences & event marketing.

Three Solutions: One Platform


  • Multiple Payment Gateway Options
  • QR code for smooth Check-in and early reminder notifications
  • QR code for smooth Check-in and early reminder notifications


  • Sales, Marketing and Revenue Generation
  • Real-Time Statistical Analysis regarding Data Population
  • IoT based Indoor Tracking of Attendee using Machine Learning & Beacons


  • Registration Form with Candidate details.
  • Sessions update.
  • Payment process Integration

Product Showcase

Event Management System To Automate & Simplify Multiple Tasks

Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking is a feature based on Artificial Intelligence that allows the organizer to keep track of the Attendees that have reached the city before the conference.

Indoor/ Outdoor Navigation

Best in class Navigation system based on Beacons/GPS. It enables 
you to guide your visitors, customers, and partners inside your premises from their position to a specific point of interest, room, or place.

Real-time foot-fall/Heat Maps

Time is Priority. That’s why we have smartly designed the conference management software to help you save time, allowing you to manage amazing experiences before, during, and after your conferences. Heat Maps show the number of people coming and can prepare attendees to go early in case of high people traffic for the upcoming session.

Live Media Streaming

Organizers can directly share the live video through conference planning tool which can provide information to those who weren’t able to come to the conference in spite of booking and recasting will help attendees to refresh their learning’s and cover up the missing details.

E-ticketing With QR Code

Unique QR codes will be generated and emailed to every individual after completing the registration process through conference management system, which facilitates smooth & hassle-free check-ins and print the badges online using the Event Planning Software, right from your phone.

Efficient Solution for your Conferences

Manage security and anonymity with our privacy features conference management solution that allow participants to view only the conferences they should have access and pay to attend. Password protects entire conferences or specific dialogue items.

Real-time updates & notifications

Send real-time push notifications to your participants regarding changes in your program and more. You can update instantly at your fingertips. Everything gathered in your conference management app for your ease.

Execution & Working

Conference management software solution saves time and increases engagement

By driving revenue, streamlining clients, and boosting the number of registrations, Conference App can manage events, bookings & listings, collect payments, can perform analysis and predict trends. From invoices to good-bye, Conference Software handles it all.

User-friendly software with a blend of modern technology for managing and handling all your events productively

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