Enabling the SIXTH SENSE

iFMS Fleet Management Software

Harness the power of ML-based monitoring in tracking, analyzing, and continuous improvements

Leverage the power of Machine Learning and Beacons to monitor your fleet operations efficiently with fleet management system.

Work Collaboration

Empower your team involved in your fleet optimization with flexible and scalable digital solution.

Leverage Mobility

Manage your fleet operations from anywhere. We design it for all available platforms.

Automate Tasks

Increase the efficiency of your fleet operations by automating fleet management system tasks seamlessly.

Comprehensive Suite Of GPS Fleet Management Tool

Fleet & Asset Management from vehicle telematics, driver management, vehicle management, logistics & inventory management, taxi booking & food delivery, insurance & safety management, to alerts, notifications & history can handle it all.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle tracking system over vehicle stealing or untimely return of rented vehicle can locate your vehicle’s live location using Internal GPS device and international sim cards tracking both the driver and the vehicle.

Route Optimization

By creating & defining routes & zones for the driver, truck fleet management software helps to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle tracking tool regulate vehicle mileage easily.


Fleet tracking software collaborating with insurance companies keeps driving score under the track of each registered user, thus enabling safety.

Logistics Management

With the help of fleet management software warehouse, purchasing, and inventory management can be tracked entirely and improved at lesser maintenance and least costs.

Compliance Management

Fleet Management Solution automates the system by cutting paperwork, improving driver efficiency & safety, minimizing violations, and reducing administrative costs.

Fleet Management App Monitors And Safeguard Your Vehicles And Assets.

We Can Help You Streamline Your Business