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iHMS Hospital Management Software

With RFID and Beacon based technology, our automated hospital management software allows for tracking patients, staff & generates innovative reports.

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Patient, Doctor, and Staff Tracking

Hospital Management System helps to monitor and time track staff working hours, allocate doctors, and patients using IoT powered Beacons, ensuring optimum care to the patients.


POS and Billing Application

A user-friendly interface is featuring automated recurring payments and secures cash flow management using multiple payment modes reducing manual entries, saving time, enhancing accuracy & accounting through healthcare management system.


Inventory Tracking & Management

Online Hospital Management Software using RFID tagging helps in managing and tracking laboratory & surgical equipment and supports Inventory management with a timely warning system for stock refurbishment.

Manage Your Hospital Activities Effectively

Patient History and Data Management

Lab reports, patient’s medical history are securely managed using Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software. In case of any medical emergency, the patient’s data has been tracked and accessed through hospital management solution to get relevant patient medical information.

Appointment Booking

Patients can register themselves and book & schedule their appointment online by using healthcare management software. They will get notifications in the form of messages and email for scheduled appointment using the hospital information management system providing smarter and faster medical services.

Analysis and Reports

Hospital Management Software generates reports, activity logs, and real-time insights, enabling better capacity planning, improved resource utilization, visualizing better patient Analysis & data insights.

Defining major App roles for


Generate and track task for nurses online, accept and reschedule appointments, patient data history, reports, and analysis dashboards.


Track patient activities, manage medicine & instrument inventory, engage in tasks and polls created by physicians and admin online.


Schedule appointments, chat with nurse/ doctor in case of emergency, get an appointment and reschedule notifications.


Track doctors, nurses and get real-time attendance updates, track and regulate inventory, pharmacy, and get visualization analysis.

A Multi-Tasking Hospital Management Tool For All The Clinics, Hospitals, And Healthcare Institutes.

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