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Cerebrum Privacy Policy

The Company Cerebrum Infotech herein intends to preserve your confidentiality and provide you with a satisfactory experience of working with our website, goods and services.

Last Updated on 7/01/2020

This website privacy policy outlines https://www.cerebruminfotech.com/ policy on the acquisition, use and exposure of data about you in relation with your application of the domain, https://www.cerebruminfotech.com/ and all other incorporated product sited placed on our Website. All the phrases “we”, “our”, and “us”, refer to https://www.cerebruminfotech.com/.

Whenever you utilise the service available at our Website, you consent to our selection, use and exposure of information about you as specified in this privacy policy, by continuing to reach or use Cerebrum Infotech’s services, you accept any modifications or revision to this privacy policy.

Who Are We

We are Cerebrum Infotech. Our address and contact information are provided at the foot of this Privacy Policy Page. We are the end controllers of all your individual data and process it as per the stipulations specified in this privacy policy page.

Additional information about the processing of your individual data can be included in added statements, offer reports, or in the information shown at times personal data being received. By accepting this “Privacy Policy”, you give consent to the acquisition and use of all data as set forth in this Privacy Policy. You possess the right to deny the consent at any time by notifying Cerebrum Infotech. If you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not present us with any exclusive data and do not practice add-ins and website.

Collection Of Personal Information From Service Visitors

Cerebrum Infotech may gather and/or track (1) the home server domain names, email ids, sort of client computer, data downloaded, search engine utilized, OS and sort of browser of companies to web service, (2) the email ids of visitors that interact with Cerebrum Infotech by email addresses, (3) data purposely given by the visitor in online applications, enrollment forms, reviews, email, contest entries, and other online avenues (including demographic and private profile data), and (4) whole and user-specific data on which pages visitors access.

Use Of Cookies

Cerebrum Infotech may set Internet “cookies” on visitors’ hard drives. Internet cookies store data of individual visitors, such as the organization’s name, password, user-name, screen choices, and the pages of a service inspected by the site visitor. When the visitor returns Cerebrum Infotech, web service, Cerebrum Infotech, may identify the visitor by the Internet cookie and customize the visitor’s exposure respectively. Visitors may decline Internet cookies, if any, by utilising the relevant feature of their web client software, if accessible.

Security Measures

Cerebrum Infotech has implemented various security features to limit the illegal release of or access to individual data. For instance, all cerebrum infotech representatives are expected to testify their knowledge that personal information is held confidential, that it is necessary to safeguard individual information, and that cerebrum infotech will take proper action against any representative who fails to recognise these facts or adhere to the imperative measures of conduct. Please be informed that cerebrum infotech is not accountable for the safety of information conveyed via the Internet (electronic mail services). For more private communication contact at +1-(240)-241-6900.


Cerebrum Infotech may acknowledge requests from third parties to reach you. Still, we will not provide that third party with any individually identifiable data unless Cerebrum Infotech has got your consent. Additionally, Cerebrum Infotech provides you with the chance to be sent newsletters and data about programming, promotional competitions, retailing events, and opportunities to engage in. You may give this consent by “opting-in” to having your data shared with third parties.

Users of the Cerebrum Infotech website are provided with the opportunity to “opt-out” of getting information from Cerebrum Infotech. At any point, you may opt-out of any email messages, newsletters, or other electronic messages. You may analyse, edit, or delete any data you submitted to Cerebrum Infotech by conforming to the registration page at any time. You must add your name and password, and a description of the data you would want to change.

The Site is a general audience web site and is meant to be utilised by grown-ups and teens (13 years and older). It is not intended for children below the age of 13; Cerebrum Infotech does not desire to collect any personally identifiable data from such children.

Data Security

Cerebrum Infotech is bound to assuring the stability of personal user data. We have implemented safety measures to preserve personal user information gathered on our website against loss, misapplication, or modification. But, the Internet is an open system, and we cannot and do not assure that the personal user information you have transferred will not be caught by others and/or decrypted.

Still, have Inquiries?

If you possess any inquiries or think Cerebrum Infotech is not abiding by our mentioned privacy policy, you should contact Cerebrum Infotech by emailing at info@cerebruminfotech.com.