Apart from being engaged in offshore software development projects and outsourcing IT services for our global customers, we succeed in finding time and resources to develop our own products and take pleasure in making them highly competitive, valuable, and innovative. We endeavour to implement our creativity and technological ideas in our own products, some of which are open source.

Our products

  • Kidtrac
    Every year, thousands of children go missing. With Kidtrac, school and parents can track kids and locations(in/out) data can be seen in real time anytime privately.It all happens automatically leveraging the advantage of RFID tags embedded in Kid’s Identity card and you know what this all happens in beautifully clear and simple interface. Geo-fence and movement notifications can alert you when someone crosses a fenced area through Push notifications and SMS alerts.Our system comes with support of multiple languages and user friendly interface and come with support for iPhone and Android phones.
  • iCMS
    iCMS offers a complete software suit to manage all aspects of your conferences using latest technology like Big Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, BLE devices and various other Sensors. From creating branded conference websites to detailed registration forms. From building delegate agendas to managing online payments. From badges and barcode scanning to in-depth analysis on attendance and revenue.
  • iHMS
    iHMS gives a smarter IOT edge to your clinics/hospitals and helps you to monitor and track people in crowded scenes .Our system offers lightweight smart watches/bands so as to monitor your staff activity and even let your staff manage medical equipment/assets on their finger tips.
  • Arrant
    The exceptional business process management software that enables organizations to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate numerous back office operations associated with technology, services and human resources.
  • Epictaxi
    Quickest and easiest way to setup your taxi business or revolutionize your existing cab operations. See the power of technology by automating all your cab operations along with interactions with Drivers and Patrons..
  • Eventwagon
    Managing events was never so easy… so interesting. From porch barbecues to prominent film and music festivals to conferences, Eventwagon can effortlessly be configured to meet all of your event management essentials.
  • eWonga
    Create your personalized e-store with our dedicated e-commerce solution for retail and delivery. e-Wonga upsurges the reach of your product range beyond physical boundaries and traditional shopping hours to harness the full sales potential.
  • WinHR
    Align human capital with business goals by arming your organization with the veracious tool to attain peaking heights of performance. Right from attaining the required talent to handling daily HR processes, winHR empowers your business to harness the authentic power of resources.