Mobile App Development Services

Our team of mobile developers is well versed with hybrid, native, and cross platform mobile development and with the collaboration of apt business analyst, QA, and designers; they can build miraculous mobile applications with all features for your business to grow.
Technologies & Tools
  • iOS
      • Objective-C
      • Swift
      • C/C++
      • XCode
      • AppCode
      • iOS SDK
      • CocoaPods

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  • Android
      • Java
      • Kotlin
      • C/C++
      • NDK
      • Android SDK
      • Eclipse
      • Android Studio
      • Gradle
      • Maven


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  • Windows Mobile
  • Tizen
  • Cross-platform
      • C/C++
      • C#
      • Xamarin
      • Xamarin.Forms,
      • .NET
      • XAML
      • Visual Studio


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  • Hybrid
      • PhoneGap
      • Cordova
      • JavaScript
      • HTML
      • HTML5
      • jQuery
      • jQuery Mobile
      • Sencha Touch
      • Ionic


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Our Robust Mobile App Development Services

Our services are focused on Android and iOS application development. Our mobile app developers focus on both native (Java, Objective-C, and C#) and hybrid technologies. This type of approach is the best as it gives us advantages in terms of features, flexibility, and integration with other essential features.


Mobile Application Development Approaches


Native App Development

Native mobile app development is fulfilled through specific programming languages, such as Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS. Native mobile apps provide a high degree of reliability and fast performance. Our mobile software development team is skilled in the adoption of native frameworks and technologies.

iOS App Development

We have relevant expertise in working with native iOS SDK and its frameworks. The significant part of our development team are seniors who have professional skills in C, Objective-C, C++, Swift, and XCode development environment. Some of the solutions created include Apple watch and Apple TV app development. Our mobile app development team is very creative, and we develop our own iOS open source products.

Android App Development

Having exceptional Android SDK and Android NDK development experience that goes beyond solely Java programming, we are capable of building powerful apps operating across over 15K various Android devices. Our specialists know how to build highly maintainable and performative apps using the main programming languages such as C++, Java, and Kotlin. The Cerebrum Infotech mobile development team has also developed some open source solutions on Android.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Our mobile engineers are skilled in building hybrid apps representing the lines of excellent code that ‘wraps’ the existing customer’s web project and extends its functionality on various mobile devices. During the last 7 years, we have completed 100+ projects in the field of hybrid mobile app development.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Our team has relevant expertise in using HTML5 and JavaScript, Qt, and other flexible and powerful techniques to build cross-platform mobile software. We are also familiar with Xamarin, .NET Framework-oriented platform. Generally, we have more than 5 years of fulfilling cross-platform projects using such tools as AppCelerator, Cordova (PhoneGap), and dozens of other tools to facilitate the mobile development process.

Mobile Application Development : Our Forte

We aim for your success and this is where we are good at. We help businesses on the technical aspect so that they can grow without being concerned about functionality and scalability.
  • Enterprise Mobile Application Development

    We are proficient in developing mobile applications for all type of businesses whether they are SMBs or Enterprise-level. We always prefer innovative and creative approach which will ensure tailor-made solutions for your business and customer niche. We assure result-oriented mobile solutions so that your business can achieve their KPIs and satisfy your customers at the same time.

  • E-Commerce Mobile Solutions

    Our team consists of professional experts who can help your E-Commerce business to move to mobile platform. Our developers are apt in keeping the main functions of navigation and customization in alignment with your business needs. We are always well aware of current sales challenges which will help your business to tackle them.

  • CRM Application Development

    CRM integration can help your business to close the deal in the matter of hours, days, and month (depending on the nature of closing sales). Having a perfect CRM is bliss for your E-Commerce business. Our developers and analysts are apt in the integration of CRM platform with your E-Commerce app such as Freshdesk, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, etc.

  • PLM Application Solution

    Cerebrum programmers have high level of expertise in the development of PLM applications. With years of experience in .NET PLM development is one of our specialties. It empowers your business to have an impressive collaboration between different departments and ensure our mobile team to have a seamless mobile app development process.

  • Field Service App Development

    We are competent in delivering mobile application solution in the niche of help desk and field service management. These types of apps will help your business to boost productivity, improve ROI, and increase the cooperation of your employees and your task management team.

  • Mobile Banking App Solutions

    We have the experts who can help you in building a reliable, trustworthy, efficient, and highly secure mobile banking applications which includes multiple payment options such as Bitcoin payment.

  • Integration of ERP Systems

    All ERP system needs to have powerful and feature full solutions that are user-friendly and high performing. We recreate the power of your ERP and transform it into a robust mobile solution with high-quality functions.

  • Big Data Solutions

    Our mobile development professionals can assist you in Big Data processing with the help of in-built sensors and other related services which will help you in analyzing and gathering of complex data. Our developers are well versed with codes which can help you in manipulating such amount of data.

  • AR App Development

    Our mobile app development team has ample of experience in developing AR aka augmented reality mobile apps. We have previously worked with businesses in the niche of advertising, gaming, education, and others as well. We are full stack with technologies and tools that give us the prowess to develop powerful AR mobile apps for your business.

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