.NET Software Development

We, at Cerebrum, have a team of professionals who always remain ready to infuse their knowledge in developing and improving the solutions which we provide to our clients. Our team has wide experience in software programming as it utilizes Microsoft Technologies, like .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, and so on.
.NET Technology Stack
  • Web
    • Web

      • ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, and WCF;
      • ASP.NET Web API, OWIN, and OAuth;
      • AJAX, Single Page Applications (AngularJS, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, ReactJS, Webix, DHTMLX), Razor, and WebForms;
      • ADO.NET, LINQ, Linq2Sql, Entity Framework, and NHibernate
      • Enterprise Services (COM+ and MSMQ), Interoperability (COM and PInvoke)


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  • Desktop
    •  Desktop

      • WPF and XAML
      • WinForms
      • Silverlight
      • AvalonDock
      • .NET Core, CoreCLR, RyuJIT, CoreFX


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  • Mobile
  • Embedded
      • .NET Compact Framework
  • Clouds
      • Microsoft Azure
      • AWS
      • Google Cloud
      • Rackspace and underlying services, including EC2, RDS, and S3
      • Machine Learning
      • NoSQL

      and more

  • Databases
      • MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis
      • SQL Server Reporting Services, and Analysis Services
  • Testing
    • Testing

      • VSO/TFS
      • JIRA
      • Stash
      • Test Manager
      • MSTest
      • NUnit
      • Moq
      • PartCover
      • NCover
  • Version Control
      • Git
      • Mercurial
      • VSO/TFS
      • SVN
  • Continuous Integration /
    Build automation
  • Development Approaches

.NET Programming

We extensively make use of .NET and enterprise-level .NET solutions for any type of software. This constitutes the following:

  • Different kind of online services
  • Cloud-based solutions, constituting Google, Azure, and AWS service usage
  • B2B and B2C web portal development
  • Multiple single-tier .NET applications
  • Incorporations with legacy systems of the enterprise, like Siebel, SAP R/3, Oracle PeopleSoft, and SalesForce
  • Web-based stores
  • Highload systems, like FinTech and AdTech
  • Social networking

Cerebrum Infotech .NET Expertise

There are many industries where .NET-based solutions are extremely welcomed. Among our recent projects are:
  • Best PLM Platform

    We have years of experience in developing PLM based online platform. This innovative platform created by us will speed up the preparation of PLM system with different complexities.

  • Highly Efficient Tools

    We offer highly-effective tools with the assistance of .NET framework, C, C++, COM, C#, and other technologies.

  • Deliver Fuse Management Solution

    The solution developed is as per the needs of the customer and regulates dynamic workflow for any level of the system. Having an easy access to the catalog provides reported problems, work order, control over requests, and other management functionality.

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Why Choose Us?

Why are companies choosing our web development services?
  • We Use Clean Codes

    Our team believes in easy manageable clean codes which is why we always emphasize on that.
  • Secure Code Compliance

    With a strong NDA, your codes will be secure and never to be reuse in any of our other projects.
  • Flexible Development

    Our solutions are tailor-made for your business which will help you to connect and be productive at the same time.
  • Genuine Deadlines

    We have a golden rule, nothing is more important than the deadlines. We always follow them strictly.
  • Our Support Policy

    We will give you full-scale support and maintenance to keep you away from any inconvenience.
  • Cost Effective Solution

    Our solutions are affordable but of quality. We believe in serving cost effective solutions with high quality.