PHP/JavaScript Software Development

Our team at Cerebrum creates highly responsive and dynamic sites that are very much similar to the desktop apps in terms of load and speed time. We offer a range of web application development services, that’s not only restricted with JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Grails, and Python programming languages, but also Angular JS, React, Laravel, Symfony, Vue.js., Yii, and many others.
PHP/JavaScript Technology Stack
  • Back-end
    • Web servers

      • Apache, NGINX, and IIS


      • MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, and CouchDB


      • Zend, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and CakePHP, Node.js


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  • Front-end
      • HTML/CSS
      • JavaScript
      • jQuery
      • Backbone.js
      • AngularJS
      • Vue.js
      • React
      • Redux
      • RequireJS
      • ExtJS
      • Prototype
      • AJAX/JSON

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  • E-commerce
  • CMS
      • Drupal
      • Joomla
      • WordPress
      • Zurmo
      • SugarCRM
  • 3rd party tools
      • Google API
      • Twitter API
      • Facebook API
      • Yahoo API
      • PayPal API
      • Worldpay API
      • WebMoney API
      • Amazon AWS
      • Google Cloud
      • Amazon Store
  • IDE
      • PhpStorm
      • Eclipse
      • NetBeans
  • Testing
    • Testing

      • PHPUnit
      • Codeception
      • Mocha
      • Karma
      • Jasmine
  • Version Control
      • Git
      • Mercurial
      • SVN
      • TFS
  • Continuous Integration /
    Build automation /
  • Development approaches

PHP/JavaScript Features

The framework which is utilized by PHP includes the following:

  • Incorporated defense mechanism
  • Real-time access monitoring
  • Remain available for third-party framework execution
  • Report errors
  • Used for both the client and server side
  • REST and SOAP integration
  • Create the functions within the scripts
  • Handles both the data and time

JavaScript is a scripting language used for the frontend development so that the webpage seems to be more attractive.

Our Expertise

There are many fields where PHP- and JavaScript-based solutions are applied, and our development team has vast expertise in these domains. Among the recent projects are:
  • Smart Backend System

    We create highly scalable apps with robust Node.js backbends. This is completely based upon the micro-services for every single application which we build.

  • Procured Management System

    The PHP solution developed by our experts enables to keep a track of a customer, generation of reports, implementation, management of sales, and creation of the task. We make this possible by integrating JavaScript, Angular JS, PHP, jQuery, and Yii.

  • Cloud CRM Solution

    We have the ability to build up a convenient and transparent clout CRM system. This becomes possible when we make use of REST, JavaScript, SOAP, AJAX, oAuth, and so on.

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Why Choose Us?

Why are companies choosing our web development services?
  • We Use Clean Codes

    Our team believes in easy manageable clean codes which is why we always emphasize on that.
  • Secure Code Compliance

    With a strong NDA, your codes will be secure and never to be reuse in any of our other projects.
  • Flexible Development

    Our solutions are tailor-made for your business which will help you to connect and be productive at the same time.
  • Genuine Deadlines

    We have a golden rule, nothing is more important than the deadlines. We always follow them strictly.
  • Our Support Policy

    We will give you full-scale support and maintenance to keep you away from any inconvenience.
  • Cost Effective Solution

    Our solutions are affordable but of quality. We believe in serving cost effective solutions with high quality.