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CEO Cerebrum Infotech, Mr. Ganesh Verma Interviewed by MobileApp Daily


The leading firm, MobileAppDaily, recently interviewed the CEO of Cerebrum Infotech, Mr. Ganesh Verma. MobileAppDaily is well-renowned for providing app insights, reports, and inspiration. In the interesting interaction, Mr. Verma gives details about Cerebrum Infotech and his way of planning and executing operations. During the interview, MobileAppDaily got to know about the passion that Mr. Verma keeps to provide clients with the best quality services.  

Mr. Verma is at the helm of this corporation; with an experience of more than two decades, Mr. Verma plays the most crucial role in providing Cerebrum Infotech with the right direction. With the outstanding leadership, operational competence, and technical acumen, Mr. Verma has enhanced the culture of innovation at Cerebrum Infotech, and in the new feature, it is certain that with the right guidance, the company is going to grow by leaps and bounds. The mission and vision of Cerebrum Infotech are to transform outdated business practices with leading-edge technologies. The company focuses on the digital ecosystem, which has become important in today’s world.  

Mr. Verma is a thought with a demonstrated history in multiple roles- project life cycles, ideation, implementation, and closing projects delivering business value and delighting stakeholders. He has handled large and complex projects with ease and has widened his horizon by venturing into not only technology development but also sales & marketing, business development, project and asset management. He is known for building organizational capabilities and overall business delivery in both management, executive, and board roles.    

Before we go directly to what was asked in the interview, let’s know about the background of Cerebrum Infotech- it is the subsidiary of Seasia InfoTech, a CMMI Level 5 company. Cerebrum Infotech has been serving diverse businesses of varied sizes for more than a decade. Cerebrum Infotech is well-known for providing ready-to-use products – CereKart, an online ordering, and delivery system for businesses dealing in food, grocery, medicine, laundry, and eCommerce; CereHome – a home services app for cleaning, pest control, car wash, beauty/salon businesses, CereRides- a ride and rental app, fleet management system, CereConsult- a consultation app for lawyers, teachers, psychologists, fitness trainers, and dieticians, CereEdtech e-learning system for schools, colleges, and universities, conference management system, and many more products. Apart from that, the company is highly experienced in providing world-class web and mobile development solutions to its global clientele.  

Cerebrum Infotech has served some of the prestigious names such as Flipkart, Jobstoday, Adani, HAU, Mahindra, to name a few. It is because of the focus on high quality and client satisfaction that the company has managed to soar to new heights. Under the guidance of CEO Mr. Ganesh Verma, the company has come up with many new software products that are doing exceptionally well in the market and beating competitors. Also, Cerebrum Infotech has been listed among “top development companies” by 110 IT review companies.    

The interview opens by greeting Mr. Verma, and the very first question is that as a tech expert, what Mr.Verma thinks about the constant changes in the digital market. Mr. Verma says that change is the only constant in the tech world, and he believes that it’s great that this change is happening as it brings out many positive changes in the IT industry and markets it serves.  

Mr. Verma’s intellectual sideshows from the answer to the question about the most important part of the career and what he learned from that. Mr. Verma answers that every part of the career is important as it teaches something, but he believes that the initial part of the career is integral in teaching the importance of discipline, dedication, and determination. And he believes that because of the learnings of the initial phase, he is able to make his mark and rise to the top.  

Talking about the challenges that Cerebrum Infotech has to face in the industry, Mr. Verma says that the company has successfully overcome the challenges related to project infrastructure, quality assurance, system, and application integration.   

Answering about the career experiences that he would like to share, Mr. Verma says, “I have learned that one has to ensure that the client’s trust never gets broken. If you are committing to deliver a project on a certain date, you have to deliver it, and that too with good quality. Also, a business must ensure that they maintain honest communication with clients throughout the project. Communicate with them every milestone achieved and the total progress on the project.”  

The one question that tech enthusiasts are often asked is that what they prefer iOS or Android; Mr. Verma smartly answers that it all depends upon the requirements of clients and that Cerebrum Infotech guides clients to choose the best for their business by asking questions such as target audience, budget, among other things.  

Mr. Ganesh Verma shares the future vision for Cerebrum Infotech, saying, “Cerebrum Infotech has been going strong for many years, and over the course of time, it has improved its processes manifold. In the future, I want Cerebrum Infotech to leverage new-age technology to provide innovative solutions to clients across the world. Also, we have been working on drastically improving our processes to provide the best experience to clients.”  

Mr. Verma also highlights that Cerebrum Infotech is serving major industries, and the organization is looking forward to opening offices in the near future.  

Each one of us gets exhausted by facing daily challenges that the professional life throws, but how does a CEO face these challenges? In his own words, Mr.Ganesh Verma said, “I believe every day is a new beginning. There is so much that we can learn every day and make a difference. My motto is to always give 100%, and that’s what keeps me doing. Challenges help us evolve; it’s because of challenges that we try to do better than before.”  To see the full interview of Ganesh Verma, click here.


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MobileAppDaily is a reputed platform that helps its readers know about the changing mobile trends. It is an inspiration for technologists, app agencies, and analysts. MobileAppDaily is contributing wonderfully to the industry, and Cerebrum Infotech learns so much from the platform. 


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