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CereEdTech helps you automate the regular tasks while ensuring better accessibility of resources to the students and all others that are directly or indirectly connected with your school, college, university, training institute, coaching center, or small-scale to large-scale educational center. From streamlining the regular tasks carried out in an educational center, offering online courses, automated timetable, accurate data management, to making learning accessible to everyone, CereEdTech has got you back in all cases with its outstanding features!

Yes, CereEdTech has an Android app version too apart from iOS and web versions. So, users can choose the most convenient manner to get started with the app and manage their school operations in a hassle-free manner.

The overall pricing of CereEdTech will be directly based on the strength of the students in your educational center.

Yes, definitely. Since CereEdTech offers a comprehensive range of functionalities for all sorts of educational centers, you can tell us the particular features you require and we’ll plan a package for your business accordingly.

Cere EdTech is not confined to schools but has a broader reach where the entire education industry can reap its benefits. CereEdTech is ideal for schools, colleges, universities, training institutes, coaching centers, or small-scale to large-scale educational centers. For students, parents, teachers, school administrators, individuals who wish to grab online learning courses or other professional courses, Cere EdTech is ideal for all of them.

Cere EdTech offers a comprehensive range of features that include- Teacher Management, school management, class management, attendance management, fee management, exam management, result management, circular management, automated timetable, leave management, live courses, professional training programs, and a lot more.

Cere EdTech has a unique feature listing that caters to the latest needs of every educational center, however, you are always welcome if you need any additional or customized features.

Yes, irrespective of how many branches your educational center has, Cere EdTech supports multiple branches and you can monitor and control all branches seamlessly in one place.

Cere EdTech app is built with the highest security backed by advanced encryption techniques and safeguards the student’s data and your educational data at all times while keeping your business safe from any sort of hacking attempts and malicious activities.

Cere EdTech supports unlimited users in its app, so you need not worry about its maximum limit.

Yes, Cere EdTech team is available round the clock to listen to the queries and assist their customers instantly and fix the issues in case they get stuck in some technical issues.

All our support services are free of cost and customers need not pay a penny while they request technical support from our specialists.

Cere EdTech is backed by real-time data backups that are carried out regularly to keep our customers on the safer side in case they lose due to any reasons. So, you can retrieve the complete data at any time in no time.

Yes, Cere EdTech allows you to integrate your biometric or other systems you are using in your school.

Yes, we offer a free demo session so that you can get a clear idea of how Cere EdTech works and how it can help you streamline your regular operations.

To get started, simply sign up on our official website. Fill in the important information and you will get registered right away.

To book a demo session of Cere EdTech, fill our contact form or drop us an email and our experts will get back to you in no time.

Yes, Cere EdTech offers an accessible and transparent parent portal where parents can keep track of their child’s academic and overall performance, attendance, and other necessary details on a regular basis. Moreover, parents even receive real-time notifications via SMS or email about the fee reminders, datesheet, and other plans.

Cere EdTech supports all the recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Yes, Cere EdTech allows users to convert reports into excel or PDF format in a hassle-free manner.

Yes, Cere EdTech is equipped with GPS tracking functionality that allows school management and parents to know the exact location of the school buses in real-time and stay informed about their child’s and bus’s exact location.

No data is ever deleted and is saved permanently in our database. Authorized users can access the oldest data at any time with a few clicks of a button.

Yes, you will need a stable Internet connection to access all the features of Cere EdTech. However, the basic features can be accessed in offline mode.

The examination functionality allows the staff members to manage the examination records, question papers, assignments, and other information in an automated manner. This helps in finding the records quickly in a hassle-free manner and saves their time and effort.

School admin and other authorized users can add, update, delete, and manage the school, classes, sections, and other details with the functionality in the Cere EdTech app.

Cere EdTech has an intuitive dashboard where you can get a quick view of all the recent activities and details of the activities like the username, time, and date.

Yes, Cere EdTech offers role-based login portals to reduce confusion and only the relevant and important features are added in the portal.

Cere-Home Services are essential for the comfort of your everyday life. It is the need of the hour for every home-owner and especially if you have a busy work schedule. • Add convenience to your life • Save money • Quick services • Easy payment options

Cere-Home Services is the best app development solution and is gaining immense popularity all over the world. Entrepreneurs are choosing to home services to cater to the growing needs of home owners. Here are few convincing reasons to invest in Cere Home Services: • Enhanced Visibility • Incremental Growth • Greater Market Revenue • Direct Marketing • Fragmented Market for more market share • Brand Awareness • Better Customer engagement

First you need to sign up, and choose the desired home services from the various options available. There are various options like home cleaning, parlour services, plumbing, etc. You can select the desired service provider to request the service.

The essential features in a home services app are:- • App-onboarding • Advanced Search and Filter • In-app chats • Tracking • Reviews and Ratings • Browse services • Book Services • In-app payments • Push-notifications • Best deals and offers

You can choose reliable and professional partners, by considering their quotations and your budget. It is preferred to choose close by service providers at first.

Yes. The location and contact details can be changed according to the user preference.

Using the Three-sided model, you can earn commissions from the shop-owners and the clients by providing seamless link in between.

Our proficient team of developers has successfully built and launched more than 500+ on-demand apps for clients in the US, UK, and India. Cerebrummers have expertise in creating feature-rich apps for scalable and customized business requirements.

Yes! We assure our clients that the app reaches the PlayStore and AppStore in the shortest time span.

The food delivery app acts as a link between the customer and restaurant owner. The customers order food for dine-in, take-away or delivery. The delivery person is assigned the particular location to deliver food at the customer’s place in a short period.

The cost of the app depends on the functionality, features and platforms. The number of hours consumed by the developers, according to the complexity of the project, determines the total cost. • Enhanced Visibility • Marketing • Brand Awareness • Better Customer engagement

A well-designed on-demand delivery app, like Cere-Delivery, enables a person to request and order a particular item from another person or a business owner. For example, food-ordering apps, grocery-delivery apps, courier delivery apps, medicine delivery apps, flowers, and gift delivery apps, etc. are widely used all over the world.

According to recent reports and surveys, grocery delivery apps, and medicine delivery apps are the most lucrative business ideas, around the globe.

With on-demand delivery apps, you can order anything whenever you need them the most. It allows you to get quick and easy access to distant outlets for better products and services.

Using the three-sided model, you can earn commissions from the shop-owners and the clients by providing seamless link in between.

Our proficient team of developers has successfully built and launched more than 500+ on-demand apps for clients in US, UK, and India. Cerebrummers have expertise in creating feature-rich apps for scalable and customized business requirements.

Yes! We assure our clients that the app reaches the PlayStore and AppStore in the shortest time span.

It is a Cerebrum-powered online marketplace with a wide range of products to sell to customers beyond the boundaries. The eMarketplace app has innovative features, responsive design, and a secured platform for different categories of products like fashion, electronics, home and furniture, beauty and personal care, health, books, toys, etc.

With quick and cheap internet facilities, lack of time, restricted mobility, and a wide range of items available on a single platform, millennials prefer the online marketplace. People have no time to physically visit the stores and check out the various options when all the information is available on the eMarketplace. It’s the right time to capture the grooming marketplace and cater to the growing needs of online clientele.

It majorly depends on the items you are selling. Inventory tracking and handling multiple product options is crucial and needs the right eCommerce platform. The design options, payment gateways, security features, integration with other tools, features, and pricing are important aspects that help in choosing the best platform.

Our eMarketplace is a great tool to help shoppers make a safe purchase from online stores while also acting as a medium to add more customers to our online platform. It also helps in gathering and using demographics data from various channels and further improving customer service.

eCommerce offers a broader scope of business opportunities and generates more sales for a large number of products through a single app. You can also keep the customers engages and happy by providing support to them whenever required.

Depending on the type of business transactions, we can categorize eCommerce as: • B2B (Business to Business) • B2C (Business to Customer) • C2B (Customer to Business) • C2C (Customer to Customer)

When we setup a new company, we need to consider Proprietorship + Partnership, LLP or Pvt. Ltd. Also, it is mandatory to take the GST no. Payment Gateway details before launching the app.

The three essential dimensions of security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We emphasize working on a good strategy and encryption methods that make the app and transactions wholly secured.

Cerebrum eMarketplace provides a scalable and dynamic solution with no limit on the product size or customer database. One of the most significant benefits of having an eCommerce platform is that you can add unlimited products and categories in one place and grow a vast customer base.

Cere Consult is an online consultation marketplace where you can get consultations for numerous segments such as- doctor, dietician, fitness coach, lawyer, tax advisor, astrologer, financial advisor, tutor, counselor, in a few clicks of a button.

Cere Consult is integrated at one place with an intuitive user experience across computers, tablets, mobile devices, and other digital devices. So, users can access it on all sorts of devices without any hassle.

You just need a stable Internet connection and you are all set to go. Regardless of the time, users can look for online consultation services at any time and find the relevant consultations from the experts.

Cere Consult comes equipped with a comprehensive range of features that include- one to one session/ one to many session, in-built video conferencing, push notifications, third-party integration, advanced analytics, and hassle-free appointment.

Once you login to the app, you can browse for a suitable consultation provider out of all the reputable vendors in your area and book an appointment as per your availability and convenience.

Yes, users get to experience the one-to-one and even one to many consultations so that users can choose the relevant consultation as per their convenience.

With Cere Consult app, Users can instantly connect with the experts either through audio or video conferencing, which is fully encrypted throughout the session and safeguards the customer’s information from all sorts of hacking attempts and other malicious activities at all times.

Yes, Cere Consult supports hassle-free third-party integrations like Google Meet, Zoom, and so on.

Yes, definitely! Users can browse through the consultation slots and book the one that best suits them perfectly.

Yes, users can find the ideal service provider by taking a glance at their ratings, reviews, and feedback.

People who have the expertise in a segment can get the attention of the customers and easily earn over Cere Consult.

Cere Consult ensures that the users get a rich experience over our app and in case you have poor network connectivity during a session, the session will be paused for that time and will be restored as soon as your Internet connection becomes stable.

Cere Consult partners with the leading payment providers and supports multiple payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, and direct banking payments.

Yes, users have access to upload images on the app for reference and make their app journey a great one.

Cere Consult is developed with user-friendliness and ease in mind, so Cere Consult is similar to other apps you use on a regular basis. Finding a consultant requires just a few taps of a button on your screen and you are all set to get assistance from industry experts.

While you start using the Cere Consult app, you’ll find that before scheduling an appointment, you can quickly take a look at the past reviews, ratings, and customer feedbacks of that particular consultant. Based on these ratings, you can make the best decision before getting started.

Yes, we offer 24/7 support services that are free of cost. Our team of expert specialists is available round the clock to assist your customers at all times.

If you prefer a video consultation, you will need a webcam and microphone for a better experience. All other functionalities can be operated without it.

As soon as the user books an appointment, the Cere Consult app sends instant notifications about the confirmation. Users even get real-time reminders and notifications about the slot and other important details of their appointment.

Cere Consult works seamlessly and without any glitches across all sorts of digital devices- from iOS, Android, laptop, PC, tablets, smartphones, and all other devices.

Yes, we offer a free demo session so that you can get clear about how the app works and how it can suit your business in the long run.

Cere Eats is an on-demand food delivery app that provides the ultimate platform to connect restaurant owners and food delivery outlets to the near-and-far customers. Cerebrum provides a feature-rich and user-friendly app, to meet the growing expectations of the customers. Our single dashboard allows bird-view of the entire system. The behavior analytics of the customers help in better decision making for gaining business benefits in future.

Our team of researchers and designers has consolidated the essential features, after studying various use cases, the emerging market challenges and costumer demands. The features of Cere-Eats App are as follows: • Hassle-free Online Ordering • Push notifications to customers • Real-time tracking • Route optimization for quick deliveries • Instant updates to customers, and restaurant owners • Multiple payment gateways • Single dashboard for easy management • Performance monitoring • Real-time insights through Analytics

No! Cere-Eats app is user-friendly and has intuitive features for easy access by admins, customers or delivery persons. Cerebrum provides complete training and 24/7 Customer Support to give hands-on knowledge of the app.

According to Statista, the On-demand Food Delivery Business is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2020-2024. The market volume is projected to be US$182,327m by 2024. The stats are evident of the fact that this is the best time to invest in the On-demand Food Delivery App like Cere-Eats to gain maximum ROI in the coming years.

Cerebrummers focus on security and perform thorough testing before launching the app in the market.

Yes! You can use your own domain name.

Yes! We can discuss your requirements and customize the features and design, accordingly.

Restaurant partners help in alleviating some of the costs to the customers in order to provide lower delivery fee, and hence allowing the service provider to run profitable business.

CereRide is an app-based platform that allows vehicle owners to list their rides for rent and get in touch with travelers.

Yes, CereRide is for the ride and rental businesses and covers a wide variety of verticals, including boat rental, car rental, bicycle sharing, e-scooter sharing, moto rental, taxi ride, moto ride, and boat ride.

CereRide comes with a bunch of exceptional features, such as book now, book later, multiple payment modes, vehicle selection, heat map, route optimization, and a lot more.

Yes, we offer customization as per your unique business needs.

Yes, we will help you throughout the launching process on your servers and leading app stores.

The cost of the app depends upon various factors, such as features, development platform, etc. Send us your requirements, and we will provide a cost estimation.

Yes, we can build an Uber clone.

Yes, we are always happy to assist you!