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On Demand Grocery

Delivery App for your Business

Try our white-label grocery delivery application to bring your business online. Streamline various business processes with Cerebrum’s easy-to-integrate solution, CereKart. A grocery delivery app is an easy way to connect with a wide range of customers and earn profit. Now, is the best time to bring your business online.

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How the Grocery Delivery App Work?

User Registers on
the App
Searches the
Put Items in
the Cart
Adds discounts
Payment Method
Pay for the
Receive them at the
Desired Location

Attractive Features of Grocery Delivery App

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The Admin Dashboard Provides a Complete Business view

The admin gets detailed business insights instantly and can devise strategies for the betterment of the business.

Vendor Management

The admin can manage vendors by adding, deleting, updating vendor profiles.

Customer Management

The dashboard includes all the information about customers- name, address, phone number, order number, etc.

Delivery Agent Management

The admin can manage delivery agents and add or update employee IDs, license numbers, phone numbers, etc.

Payment and Commission Management

The admin can set commission and manage payment directly from the admin app.

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The Vendor App Helps Vendors Present their Products and Manage their Business

Vendor can easily manage their business online by effectively take on vital functions. They will get separate panels to control their inventories.

Instant Notifications

The vendor gets an instant notification when a new order is received, dispatched, and delivered.

Import Catalog

Vendors can import the catalog to the platform, which saves time and effort

Order Frequency

Vendors can check how often a particular customer orders from the app.

Customer Feedback

Vendors can get customer feedback through reviews and ratings by customers.

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Interactive UI/UX And Meaningful Features That Allow Customers to Order with Ease

The customer app of the grocery delivery app is not only attractive but equipped with powerful features to enhance the customer experience.

Real-time Order Tracking

Customers can track the order status in real-time and know in how much time the order will be delivered to their doorstep.

Membership Plans

Customers can choose from the various membership plans available and save big.

Discount and Offers

The customer app shows discounts and offers from time to time so that customers can avail them.

Reviews and Ratings

Customers can rate the products and delivery experience by providing ratings and reviews on the app.

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The Delivery Agent App ensures that the agent can keep the vendor and admin updated at all times.

Through the delivery agent app, an agent can streamline the delivery process and at the same time inform the admin and the vendor about the delivery progress.

Communicate on Orders

The in-app “chat and call feature” allows the delivery agent to get in touch with both vendors and customers.

Notify Customers

Customers are notified when their order is out for delivery and the expected time of delivery.

Personal Wallet

The delivery agent app has a personal wallet feature through which the agent can view orders delivered and his earnings.

Real-time Requests

Delivery agent gets real-time notifications for order pickup and delivery.

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We Serve On-Demand Grocery Delivery Solutions for

Supermarket Chains

Bring all your stores under one management dashboard, streamline your operations like never before

Standalone Stores

Own a grocery store? Bring your business online with the on-demand grocery delivery app


Build an aggregated marketplace by listing several grocery stores on your on-demand grocery app.


Why Cerebrum Infotech?

Cerebrum Infotech is the right fit for grocery mobile app development. We are a leading software development company that provides ready-to-use robust and scalable on demand solutions. The company houses a team of experts that makes the transition from traditional to digital easy and successful. The company has 70% recurring clients who vouch for Cerebrum Infotech's reliable services.

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Why Build Your Own On-Demand Grocery Delivery App?

Brings Business Online

When your business is online with the help of an app, it increases your reach. You are not limited to nearby customers; you can reach customers that live a few extra miles. More customers mean more revenue for your business.

A variety of Products

You can provide a wide variety of products to your customers. When there are multiple brands, consumers have many options to choose from, which provide them with a happy shopping experience. Also, you sell more products when you provide more options.

Inventory Management

Our grocery delivery app is perfect for all four roles- admin, seller, customer, and delivery agent. The admin can manage inventory better when he gets real-time information from the app about products that are running out of stock

Easy to use

The grocery delivery app is easy to integrate and use. It’s a great way for businesses to streamline their operations and provide a great experience to customers. With a grocery delivery app, you can get more customers and increase your sales by 50%.

Order 24/7

Isn’t it amazing that customers can order 24/7? You don’t have to worry about keeping your business open; our app does it for you. It enables your customers to order from you whenever they want- 24/7.

Generate More Revenue

A grocery delivery app can help you generate more revenue. Customer-centric features of the app such as real-time order tracking, multiple payment modes, and advanced search provide control in the hands of customers, and they are happy to order from the app.

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Technology Stack

At Cerebrum we help businesses to power-up their digital identity through advanced tech solutions. Create strong online visibility and expand your business reach with CereHome

  • Programming Language
  • Framework
  • User Interface
  • Database
  • IDE
  • Operating System
  • Swift 4,5
  • iOS SDK
  • Storyboard and Xib
  • SQLite 3
  • Xcode 10
  • MacOS 10.14
  • Core Java, Kotlin
  • Android SDK
  • XML, Android Layout editor
  • SQLite 3, Room
  • Android Studio3.1
  • Windows 10
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • EGS, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • MySQL Sequilized
  • VS Code
  • Windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Our on-demand grocery delivery app aims to streamline routine tasks of grocery stores, local shops, and relevant businesses.

On-demand grocery delivery app is based on the real-time map. Users will search nearby stores and order the service. At the next glance, the delivery executive will be assigned, which will use location tracking and deliver the service.

You can certainly do anything you want, from banners to selecting the themes. So, yes, it is a white label app for your business.

Yes! In fact, you will certainly drag as much revenue by engaging more users to your app.

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Online Ordering Platform

Cerebrum Infotech’s grocery delivery app is a perfect platform for your users. It’s a great way to engage customers and generate more revenue.

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