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We provide end-to-end web development services aligned with your business's internal core requirements. Cerebrum experts will build you a robust, powerful, engaging, and impactful web app.

web application development
web development services

Web App Development Services We Execute

Our seasoned developers provide a wide range of services. We do extensive market research, understand our client's core requirements, and then deliver a desirable solution.
Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Whether you want to develop an app from scratch or migrate it to another platform, we can assist you in achieving your ultimate goal. We provide intelligent solutions such as application migration to the cloud, collaboration and portal development, document management solutions, and many more.

Portal Development

Portal Development

Defined by the name, Cerebrum expert web app developers can create and launch web and enterprise portals. Our web portals deliver the best performance, quality, and growth potential. By collaborating with us, you can ensure to receive the best results.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development

We provide robust E-commerce solutions to all our users. Our developers work round-the-clock to build appealing and fantastic UX for a wonderful experience delivered to the end users.

Website Development and Maintenance

Website Development and Maintenance

Cerebrum InfoTech experienced developers develop next-gen websites to engage potential consumers. We ensure to give our best and integrate every useful and needed feature into a website. Our prime goal is always to make site navigation smooth and fast, along with having hurdle-free UI and UX design.

Open-Source Web Development and Revamp

Open-Source Web Development and Revamp

Open source allows you to revamp your website as per your need and want with the same source code. Our team assists you throughout the process and gives you genuine feedback. And we ensure to again deliver our best work with every service of ours.

Web Application Support and Maintenance

Web Application Support and Maintenance

Cerebrum takes every commitment we make earnestly. We 100% partner up with you to deal with any errors or glitches that may come across during or after the development stage. We continuously offer our technical support if asked by clients even after the project is launched.

What Makes us Special?

Cerebrum InfoTech has been serving the industry for more than a decade. We have delivered hundreds of successful web development projects. We do not wish to stop midway and let our competition take us over. We push our limits daily to remain at the top position we have earned with hard and intelligent work over the years.

web app development services

We Provide You with the Best Web Development Experience

Our team aims to deliver a successful project within the given time frame. We are the best in everything we do!
Skilled and Expert Developers

Skilled and Expert Developers

Innovative and Modern Problem Solvers

Innovative and Modern Problem Solvers

Utilize Advanced Solutions

Utilize Advanced Solutions

24/7 Assistance Availability

24/7 Assistance Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

The web application development process creates and builds programs that stay on remote servers but are delivered to the user's devices through the internet. A web app does not need to be downloaded to be used; one can access it via a web browser.

A web app is easily accessible; you only need a working and stable internet connection to use the app. You can open a web app on any browser- Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Bing, etc.

To help you understand the process better, here is the flow chart;

To begin with, a user sends a trigger to the web server. The web server then forwards the request to a stable web application server. After the request is forwarded, the web application server initiates the requested task and sends appropriate results to the web server. The web server then responds to the user and delivers the requested information.

There are three main types of web development; these are:

  • Front-End Web Development.
  • Back-End Web Development.
  • Full-stack Web Development. 

The components of web development can be arranged in the manner below;

  • Single web server,
  • Single web server + database server,
  • Multiple web servers + single database server,
  • Multiple web servers + numerous database servers.

You can opt for any of the servers based on your requirements.

For people to take your business seriously, you need to have a professional website. That depends mainly on the scale and type of web solution you plan to build and how small your business is. If you have expert developers working for your company, you can go for it; if not, hiring a web development service company would be the best option.

A web developer creates and builds websites and maintains websites. They are also responsible for websites' technical aspects, such as performance and capacity.

There are many platforms you can choose from; some of them are the following;

  • AngularJs
  • Express.js
  • Phalcon
  • ASP.net
  • Symfony

A web app regulates via a web browser and needs a working wi-fi connection or a cell signal to function. On the other hand, a native app is installed directly on the mobile phone and depending on the app's nature, Native apps can also work without a working internet connection.

Yes, knowing the basics of how HTML and CSS work will help you understand how to design for the web. However, it is not required if you wish to be a web designer.

The following are some of the benefits of having a website;

  • Owning a business website brings credibility,
  • It helps you establish your business,
  • It allows you to build a connection with consumers,
  • A website assists you in bringing sales.

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