How it Works Food App


User Registration

User Registers on the App


User Registration

Searches the Items


Put Items in the Cart

Puts items in the cart


Adds Discounts / Coupons

Adds Discounts / Coupons


Pay for the Items

Pays for the items


Receive them at the Desired Location

Receives them at the desired location

Attractive Features of Food Delivery App

Dynamic Admin App for having a 360-degree business view

A robust admin app can help you streamline your business processes and get detailed insights into your business.

Business Reports

Get comprehensive reports and stats, like the total number of orders, repeat orders, best sellers, drivers on the field, & more.

Product Management

The admin can view, add, delete, and modify categories and products.

Split Payment

The admin can set the percentage split for customers and vendors for each order and make the process transparent.

Export Reviews

The admin can view and export reports of vendors, customers, and delivery agents and store them for offline use.

Powerful Vendor App to Showcase Products in an Attractive Manner

Vendor app allows vendors to be in charge of their business and control how they want to present their dishes to customers.

Sales & Revenue Analytics

Sales and revenue analytics allow vendors to know how their business is doing, and they can devise strategies for its betterment.

Product Catalogue Management

The feature allows to reduce the manual effort and brings the products online instantly.

Customer Details

Vendors get full customer details, such as name, address, phone number, etc., so that they don’t have any problem in delivering the order.

Staff Management

The vendor can have knowledge of what a particular staff member is assigned to and what tasks he has completed.

Connect with Customers and Provide them a Memorable Experience

The food delivery app provides the best customer experience with enhanced features and functionality.

Advanced Search Feature

Customers can search for a particular item, and they can apply various filters such as vegetarian options, etc., and get instant results.

Personalized Experience

Customers get personalized suggestions based on their preferences, which enhances the customer experience.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can view various payment options available to choose the one they trust.

Schedule Delivery

Customers can choose their preferred date and time of the delivery as per convenience.

Streamline the Whole Delivery Process with The Delivery Agent App

The delivery agent app is an easy way to ensure the food gets picked up by the delivery agent at the earliest.

Accept or Reject an Order

The delivery agent can accept or reject an order as per his availability.

Route Navigation

The delivery agent is provided with the shortest and the most efficient route to reach the customer.

Manage Delivery Status

The delivery agent can mark the delivery status as in transit, completed, and incomplete.

Personal Wallet

The delivery agent can view his earnings and transaction history anytime.

On-Demand Food Delivery Solutions

Food Delivery Startups & Aggregators

Our white label food delivery app is perfect for on-demand food delivery startups and aggregators.

Single Restaurants

Have your own restaurant? Our on demand food delivery app can help you reach more customers.

Restaurant Chains

Our best food delivery app can streamline the complex operations of your restaurant chains.

Why Build Your Own On-Demand Food Delivery App?


Dominate the Market

Food delivery software helps you dominate the market. You can build a positive image of your business and provide your users with a great experience.


Market Your Business

Do you know an app is an easy way to market your business? You can send push notifications informing users about new launches, discounts, subscriptions, and so much more to your users.


Get Loyal Customers

White Labeled On-Demand Solution is a great way to get loyal customers. Through your app, you can offer loyalty programs that motivate users to buy from you.



Analytics help you get a 360-degree business view. Get detailed reports, which help you make business strategies that best suit your business and contribute to its success.


It’s visually Appealing

You can increase the appetite of users by showing them visually appealing pictures of food on your app. It’s a great way to entice customers.


No Misunderstandings

How many times do users complain about a messed-up order when they order over the phone? A white-labeled solution can be of tremendous help to get the order right & process it faster.

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Glimpse We Can Show

Why Cerebrum Infotech ?

Cerebrum Infotech is a renowned name in the world of on-demand app development. With its extensive experience developing white-label food delivery applications for businesses of all sizes, the company is a perfect choice for turning your dreams into reality. Cerebrum Infotech has won many accolades from industry experts for providing quality services and a great user experience.

Food Ordering App for Restaurants

Technology Stack

At Cerebrum we help businesses to power-up their digital identity through advanced tech solutions.
Create strong online visibility and expand your business reach with CereKart.

  • Programming Language
  • Framework
  • User Interface
  • Database
  • IDE
  • Operating System
  • Swift 4, 5
  • iOS SDK
  • Story Board & XIB
  • SQLite 3
  • Xcode 10
  • MacOS 10.14
  • Core Java, Kotlin
  • Android SDK
  • XML, Android Layout editor
  • SQLite 3, Room
  • Android Studio3.1
  • Windows 10
  • Node JS
  • Express
  • EGS, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • MySQL Sequilized
  • VS Code
  • Windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s best to take professional help to build a food delivery app with the latest feature; preferably, one should choose a company that has extensive experience in delivering a robust solution.

Yes, we have a ready-to-use food delivery app that’s perfect for your business.

Sure, we can customize the app as per your unique business needs.

Yes, we cater to the needs of small, medium, and big enterprises.

Online Ordering Platform

Cerebrum Infotech’s Food delivery app is a perfect platform for your users.

It’s a great way to engage customers and generate more revenue.

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