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Taxi App Solution

Business Models We Support


One of the most popular options to connect with customers

Three-Sided Marketplace

Provides a platform to businesses to connect with customers


Connect with large groups to increase revenue through this model.

Features of Cererides


The admin gets to know the details of the ongoing activities and can learn about the location of vehicles.

Vehicle Management

Through this feature, the admin can keep a tab on each vehicle, which is registered on the platform.


System analysis of data is a great way for businesses to make sound futuristic decisions.

Payment Management

The admin can initiate refunds, send commission to drivers, and manage gateways.

Communication Panel

Users can get in touch with the admin through this feature and ask queries.

Access Management

The admin can provide and revoke permissions of users.

Coupon Management

The admin can create coupons and their description.

User Management

The admin can manage, add, and delete users.

Availability Button

The driver can show his availability by toggling the button to available.

Real-time Requests

The driver receives requests in real-time without any delay.


The driver can accept or reject requests as per his availability.


The driver is provided with the navigation to reach the destination in the shortest time.

Contact Passenger

The driver can get in touch with the passenger through in-app chats and the voice call option.

Track Earnings

The driver can track how much he has earned so far from the platform.

Rate Customer

Based on his experience, the driver can rate customers.

Start/End Trip

The driver gets a notification when he starts or ends a trip.

Choose a Ride

Customers can choose his desired ride instantly.

Schedule a Ride

Customers can schedule a ride for the future.

Fare Calculation

When the customer fills his pick-up and drop location, he gets an estimate of the fare.

Online Payments

Customers can pay online through various payment modes.

Real-time Tracking

Customers can track in real-time where his ride is and in how much time it will get to him.

Ride Cancellations

Customers can cancel the ride when he has a change of heart.

Push Notifications

Customers receive push notifications regarding their ride, coupons, etc.

In-app Chats

Customers can chat with the driver through the app.

Technology Stack

Experts at Cerebrum Infotech are well-versed with the latest technology and use their expertise to provide
the best products to our global clients.

Why Partner With Us ?

Cerebrum Infotech values its clients and understands the need to deliver top-notch products; that’s why we have been continuously ranking in the list of best app development companies. We have been serving global clientele for over a decade and have a detailed knowledge of how to use the technology to benefit our clients. Our solutions will help you to

  • Acquire more Customers
  • Increase ROI
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Augment Customer Engagement
  • Streamline Processes
  • 24*7 Support
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