ClientApp is a one-stop solution for all types of clients' requirements. It helps clients to understand the project plans and track the progress of their project and feel more secure and connected with their service provider. The app offers clients a handy solution allowing them to connect with the team anytime and anywhere. We have worked on any client's pain area. ClientApp is a centralized solution platform offering multiple solutions previously scattered in various places.

Lead management system in ClientApp

ClientApp app in Customer Relationship Management (CRMZest) is a valuable component of any company that offers its clients an simple means to learn about as well as monitor the progress of the project. Customers are able to get in touch with the team from any location at any time.

Project Dashboard

A centralized dashboard displays an overview of all active projects, their status, key milestones, and upcoming deadlines. This helps client to know the current status of their projects.

File Sharing and Storage

ClientApp offers a feature of document management where user can store and organize project-related documents, files, and resources of the projects. It created project repository where user can keep all valuable documents at one place and will have easy access to them.

Project Details

ClientApp app provide a comprehensive overview of the project's progress, status, and key information. Project details screen is designed in a clear and visually appealing manner ensuring that clients can quickly understand the project's current state and future milestones along with the key metrics and progress of the project.


Swift resolution of customer issues, especially critical ones, leads to higher customer satisfaction. ClientApp app gives client option to raise escalation in project in case of any concern. By promptly addressing escalated concerns, businesses demonstrate their commitment to customer service, which can strengthen customer loyalty and trust

Risk Alarms

Project owner can raise risk alarm if anything is pending from client side or there is delay from client side. This helps in understanding the risk and removing the impediment that can affect on project growth.


Communication is the key. ClientApp app allows client to stay connected with the project owner. Client can send direct messages to project owner and discuss on project status. Chat enables real-time communication between clients and project owner, allowing immediate interaction without delays. This is especially valuable for urgent matters and time-sensitive issues.

Effective management of SLAs ensures that IT support teams are responsive and accountable, leading to improved customer satisfaction and more efficient incident resolution. It's essential for organizations to not only define SLAs but also monitor and enforce them using their chosen IT help desk ticket system.