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Your pharmacy can greatly benefit from an online medicine delivery app. Users want everything on-demand; it adds to their convenience. Our on-demand medicine ordering app is one of a kind and caters to the demands of different business verticals. Our solution is highly reliable, scalable, and perfect for all your business needs. It has a dynamic functionality and automates many of your business operations.

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It’s the best app for medicine delivery that incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide your business with a future-ready solution.

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How does the Medicine Delivery Application Work?

User Registers On The App
Searches The Items
Put items in the cart
Adds Discounts/Coupons
Pay for the Items
Payment Method
Receive them at the desired location
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On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Features

Comprehensive Dashboard

Get a 360-degree view of the business. Comprehensive dashboard helps you visualize and understand data in a better way.

Advanced Reports and Statistics

Advanced reports and stats provide you detailed information about business performance so that you don't miss anything.

Seller/Vendor Approval and Managment

Approve sellers and vendors and further manage them. One place to manage everything.

User Management

Manage users of all role-based apps of the system with a click, no confusion and no time wastage.

Access & Permission Management

Manage access and permissions easily; you are always in-charge of all aspects of your app.

Commision Managment

Provide and manage subscription packages smoothly with our powerful app to provide better experience to customers.

Coupon Mangement

Manage coupons easily, including coupon code and its validity.

Subscription Packages Managment

Provide and manage subscription packages smoothly with our powerful app to provide better experience to customers.

Tax Managment

Managing tax was never this simple! Tax Management is made simple and easy with CereHome.

Product catalouge management

The product catalog management reduces the manual efforts and allows you to showcase your products and services instantly. 

Sales & Revenue Analytics

Analytics provide the right information on how the business is doing so that one can make strategies accordingly.

Bulk import/export

No need to do the extra work to bring your services to the portal. The bulk import/export feature helps you quickly feed the data in pre-existing formats.

Order Management

Receive, process, and track orders in a seamless manner and with utmost transparency.

Order cancellation & Refund management

The app allows you to avoid any confusion in managing the cancellation of orders and refunds related to them.

Staff management

Manage your staff in an easy manner. Add staff members, delete them, and supervise them and see an improvement in efficiency.

Order status and Agent Tracking

Real-time tracking of the order and the delivery agent ensure there are no delays. 

Banners Ad Management

Banner ads entice customers to avail certain services. The service provider can control what to show in banner ads and when to run them. 

Support and Assitance

Facing any issue? Click on the support and assistance feature to resolve it at the earliest.

Explore Popular Nearby Sellers

Get to know what's trending around you, and you can choose the same from nearby service providers.

Personalised Suggestions

Customers get personalized suggestions based on their preferences, which enhances the customer experience.

Schedule Delivery Date and Time

Customers are busy, and they like to schedule delivery on their choice of date and time, and that's exactly what CereKart provides them with.

Multiple Delivery Options

Customers can directly pick up the order from the business or get doorstep delivery, whichever is convenient to you.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay with their favorite payment method- debit card, credit card, e-wallet, or COD.

Discount and Offers

Customers can view discounts and offers running on the app and avail the same.

Loyalty Points and Wallet

For every purchase, customers get loyalty points, which get stored in their wallet on the app, and can redeem them later.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings offer transparency; customers can post their feedback for everyone to see.

Membership Plans

Customers can choose from the various membership plans available to save big.

Delivery Management

The delivery agent can share his availability and show whether the order has been completed or not

Accept/Reject an Order

The delivery agent can accept or reject a request depending upon his availability.

View Order Details

The delivery agent can view list of items, customer address & contact details

Work As Per Convenience

The delivery agent can show whether he is on duty or off duty; he can work as per his convenience.

Route Navigation to Seller/Buyer's Location

The route navigation feature allows the delivery agent to reach seller/buyer location at the earliest.

Manage Order Delivery Status

Manage status of the delivey- completed, pending, in-progress.

Personal Wallet & View Transactions

The delivery agent can have a look at his personal wallet and see all old transcations.

Manage Multiple Orders

CereKart is an easy and organized way to manage multiple orders for you.

Manage Profile

The delivery agent can manage his profile, add, delete, or modify details.

We Serve On-Demand Medicine Delivery Solutions for

Business to Customer

Ours is the best online medicine delivery app that allows customers to order medicines from the comfort of their homes

Business to Business

The app connects wholesale buyers with pharmacy suppliers and supplements the efficient delivery of medicines.

Marketplace Solution

Make use of your app to allow other vendors to sell medicines on your app and earn a commission.


Why Cerebrum Infotech?

Cerebrum InfoTech is committed to providing the best solutions. We have worked from small businesses to fortune 500 firms and know what it takes to build future-ready solutions. Our products are reliable, robust, and highly scalable. Our aim is to provide the best software product services to our clients in their budget.

Why Build Your Own Pharmacy App

24/7 Availability

With a pharmacy app, your business is open 24/7. You don’t have to worry about losing your business because you are closed.

Gain more Customers

An app is a great way to gain more customers as people are more tech-savvy and like to use an app for getting their medicines delivered at doorsteps.

Generate More Revenue

More customers equate to more revenue. Through an app, a medicine delivery business can increase its profit easily.

Digital Marketing Platform

An app is a great digital marketing platform; you can use your creativity and use it to market your products and services.

Direct Communication

A pharmacy app allows you to get in touch with your users directly, getting feedback instantly.

Improve Competitive Ability

The pharmacy app provides you an edge over your competitors so that you can conveniently benefit more.

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Technology Stack

At Cerebrum we help businesses to power-up their digital identity through advanced tech solutions. Create strong online visibility and expand your business reach with CereHome

  • Programming Language
  • Framework
  • User Interface
  • Database
  • IDE
  • Operating System
  • Swift 4,5
  • iOS SDK
  • Storyboard and Xib
  • SQLite 3
  • Xcode 10
  • MacOS 10.14
  • Core Java, Kotlin
  • Android SDK
  • XML, Android Layout editor
  • SQLite 3, Room
  • Android Studio3.1
  • Windows 10
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • EGS, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax
  • MySQL Sequilized
  • VS Code
  • Windows 10
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Frequently Asked Questions

An online marketplace is an eCommerce site that connects sellers and buyers. It cuts marketing costs and acts as an additional source of revenue.

An online marketplace is an eCommerce site that connects sellers and buyers. It cuts marketing costs and acts as an additional source of revenue.

An online marketplace is an eCommerce site that connects sellers and buyers. It cuts marketing costs and acts as an additional source of revenue.

An online marketplace is an eCommerce site that connects sellers and buyers. It cuts marketing costs and acts as an additional source of revenue.

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Online Ordering Platform

Cerebrum Infotech’s grocery delivery app is a perfect platform for your users. It’s a great way to engage customers and generate more revenue.

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