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CEO of Cerebrum InfoTech, Mr. Kamal Thakur, Interviewed by GoodFirms


GoodFirms, the reputed business review firm, recently interviewed the CEO of Cerebrum Infotech, Mr.Kamal Thakur. The interview shed light on the working of Cerebrum Infotech, its vision, and future. This in-depth interview with the CEO of one of the best software product development companies, Cerebrum InfoTech, also highlights the achievements of the company.

Cerebrum Infotech is the subsidiary of Seasia InfoTech, a CMMI Level 5 company. The company has been serving diverse businesses of varied sizes for more than a decade. Cerebrum Infotech provides ready-to-use products – CereKart, an online ordering system, home services app, fleet management system, ride and rental apps, consultation apps, consultation apps, e-learning system, conference management system. Apart from that, the company is highly experienced in providing world-class web and mobile development solutions to its global clientele.

Cerebrum Infotech has a list of prestigious clients, which includes Flipkart, Adani, HAU, Jobstoday, Mahindra, to name a few. The company’s dedication, determination, and never say never attitude has helped it reach new milestones. Under the guidance of CEO Mr. Kamaldeep Thakur, the company has come up with many new software products that are doing exceptionally well in the market and beating competitors. Also, Cerebrum Infotech has won accolades from industry leaders and has been listed as one of the best software development companies by many reputed sites, such as GoodFirms.  

The interview of Mr. Kamal Thakur with Good firms depicts how his passion for technology has only grown stronger over the years. The interview opens up with the question about Cerebrum Infotech and Mr. Kamal Thakur’s role in the company. The CEO says that Cerebrum Infotech is a top productivity development company known for providing innovative and scalable solutions. He further shares that Cerebrum InfoTech believes in adapting to the changing technology and trends and that change is inevitable. Talking about his responsibility, Mr. Thakur says that he is responsible for building the brand, interacting with shareholders, and executing strategies for the betterment of the company, and reaching a wider audience.

Talking about the inception of the company, Mr. Kamal Thakur says that his aim to provide next-gen solutions that can streamline the majority of the business process is what ignited the fire in him to start Cerebrum InfoTech. He further shares that early on in his career, he knew that software product development is going to be the next big thing, which provided him an idea to start something in the area to automate and streamline various business processes.

Talking about the team, Mr.Kamal Thakur says that Cerebrum InfoTech houses a team of qualified and experienced professionals. He adds that the the company provides top-notch services, and to ensure client satisfaction, the company has a unique approach; the company appoints a client advocate, whose task is to ensure the customer gets the best services, full communication is maintained with the client, and the client is informed about every little progress and change.

The CEO further tells that Cerebrum Infotech is well-renowned and trusted in top app development company for startups because the company never makes any false promises to acquire clients. Cerebrum Infotech survives tough competition by building world-class products, being transparent, and valuing its customers. Cerebrum Infotech provides customized products in an effort to provide value and satisfaction to clients.

When asked about the industries that the Cerebrum caters to and repetition of customers, Mr. Kamal Thakur was elated to share that the company has more than 75% recurring customers from around the world, and the company provides next-gen products to food, education, healthcare, logistics, fleet, and eCommerce industries. Answering the next question, Mr. Thakur says that most clients approach them for on-demand delivery solutions, fleet management systems, education management systems, and eCommerce app solutions, and also the company is always ready to take on new projects as per the requirements of clients.

Mr. Thakur proudly shares that the company maintains a whopping 95% customer satisfaction rate. The end goal of any company is customer satisfaction, and when the person in power has a clear vision and the right attitude, he motivates his team to deliver the best. Answering the question related to how Cerebrum provides a support system to clients catering to their queries and issues, the CEO says that the company has a 24/7 support system for clients to ensure all their queries and issues are resolved at the earliest. Apart from that, the company makes it a point to connect with clients on a regular basis to ensure everything is streamlined and going on smoothly.

Mr. Thakur answering a question related to the billing shares that the company always has a detailed discussion with clients to know about what exactly they want, what features are important to them, and tells the client how much time it will take for the completion of the project, depending upon the project the company offers a fixed cost, pay per feature, or pay per milestone options to clients, he adds that the pricing is a strategic call. The company has worked with diverse clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and each experience are unique and special.

When asked about where he sees the company in the next years, Mr. Kamal Thakur answers enthusiastically that he sees Cerebrum Infotech as one of the leading companies providing exceptional next-gen solutions. He happily adds that in the next ten years, he sees his company growing and catering to the needs of diverse clients globally. To see the full interview of Mr. Kamal Thakur, click here.

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