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Restaurant App Development - Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Are you a restaurant owner, and wish to bring your business online? 

Restaurant apps are very common today, but not everyone understands the nitty-gritty behind the app. Don’t worry, we will help you seamlessly develop a restaurant app for your business. 

Before going ahead, let’s have a look at some interesting facts!

  • As per Business of Apps, the US market for restaurant mobile app development has soared up to $25 billion.
  • By 2024, it is anticipated to cross the $40 billion market value. 
  • Statista revealed that as many as 67% of the people in the USA like to use a custom restaurant app for ordering food instead of taking it away or dine in. 
  • National Restaurant Association revealed that around 83% of the people across the globe search for nearby restaurants through their smartphones.    



We can conclude that the market for restaurant mobile app development is touching new heights, and in the coming years, it will be an even more profitable niche. However, restaurant owners still find it difficult to find a reliable app development company, and this is where custom software development companies come in handy. 

The majority of restaurant owners don’t know why it’s important for them to have a restaurant app, what features are important, and how to choose a software development company for their app. This blog provides all the insights that will help you launch a successful restaurant app.

Types of Restaurant Apps that are Running Successfully

Find Your Restaurant App

If the restaurant wants users just to locate nearby restaurants within certain geo parameters, a restaurant locator app is the only requirement. Here, users can find restaurants as per their likings, e.g., types of cuisines, ambiance, popularity, etc. Here, a database of restaurants in different localities is required. One can compile the database using the Google Places API, integrate geolocation.

On-Table Order and Pay App

The on-table order and pay app help create an automated system for ordering and payment functions for the customers sitting in the restaurant. Customers don’t have to interact with restaurant staff to place their orders or pay the bill. 

Online Ordering and Delivery App 

The online ordering and delivery app allows users to place an order, pay for it, and track it, all from the comfort of their homes. This type of restaurant app is developed with end-to-end operational features and has the option of business support as well.  



These are further divided into two types:

  • Full-service application – In a full-service application, developers code for all features, and no support is added from the outside. 
  • Delivery aggregator or delivery service apps – Zomato is a great example of a delivery aggregator app. These apps provide a platform for restaurant owners to connect with customers.   


How to Build a Robust Restaurant App? 

The very first challenge in restaurant app development is to gather information about features and functionalities. It’s always wise to proceed with a development partner, as a development partner knows the ins and outs of developing a robust and scalable app.