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What We Learnt from Product Hunt about Salon Management Software?


The pandemic changed the entire outlook of the world we lived in. Physical vicinity became obsolete, online engagement skyrocketed, and the very thought of the online world is simply manifesting right in front of our eyes. 

What Does it Mean? 

Let’s talk about what it doesn’t mean first. The online world doesn’t mean that brick and mortar businesses will die. There are a lot of speculations that with digital consumable products, physical consumable products will become irrelevant but that is definitely not the case (at least not now). 

Beauty & Salon businesses were also facing the same dilemma. So, we at Cerebrum Infotech decided to dig deep and decrypt this dilemma as we vowed for the betterment of businesses (be it operational or functional). 

Today in this blog, we will share our findings about the salon management software listed in Product Hunt and try to decode what’s best for your salon business. 

First things first, the online world is not a full-stop for your business but a wonderful opportunity to serve your customers better and quick as well. 

Features That Can Help You In Your Operations 


Appointment Booking Management 

There are many apps which focuses either on online appointment booking or at-home services. Both requires advance booking feature, and customers are loving it. It not only increases customers’ engagement but also enhances brand equity of salons. Yes, that’s true that you cannot comprehend brand equity just with one feature, but it sure does add value to it. 

So, Are You Ready For it? 

Before you jump to online booking feature for your salon, ensure this checklist that you’re ready for it: 

  • Adequate staff strength to cater to customers at their homes. 
  • Maximum TAT (Turn Around Time) for the service (Generally brands go with desired time slots to avoid any time-related escalations). 
  • On-premise waiting area to serve those customers who loves to arrive before time. 

Clients Management 

Our researchers observed numerous software in Product Hunt that offers clients’ management. Ensuring that you serve your clients as per their preferences is the essence of salon business which is why it is considered to be a crucial feature. Before you go for this feature there are certain things that you need to ensure at your operations-end: 

  • Proper segregation of service-types you offer to your clients. 

  • Predefined packages to ensure your clients won’t choose something that you won’t be able to serve simultaneously. 

  • End-user app to ensure your customer have access to the profile (Again, this will increase your salon brand equity). 

Inventory Management 

Retail is everywhere and salon businesses are not untouched by it. Most of the top on-demand salon beauty service apps offer inventory management to facilitate your salon to manage your own inventory of products which can later be offered to your customers. What prerequisites you need to have? 

  • Range of different beauty products. 

  • A consumer-side app from where you customers can order your products. 

  • Strong logistics control to ensure timely deliveries without escalations. 


Will That Be Enough?