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In this model, businesses provide some functionalities to their users for free.

Commission Model

Here, the admin gets commission each time a user avails service.

Education Management Software Solution Features

News Feed

Add a new post (test, images, videos, web links ).

Manage Institute

Update details (Logo, Board, Certificates, Location, contact details etc.).

Manage Department

Create new departments (Like Primary, Secondary, Senior Secondary) or (CSE, IT, Electrical).

Manage HOD

Create and assign a Head of Department to each department.

Monitor Day-to-Day Activities

The admin can monitor daily activities of the institute.

Connect Instantly

The admin can connect instantly with teachers, parents, and students.

View Customized Reports

Admin can customize different automated reports and view as per his convenience.

Push Notifications

The admin can send push notifications regarding any holiday or event.

Manage Classes

Create new classes under the department allocated by Admin.

Manage Class-wise Subject

Assign subjects to each class created and define syllabus in the form of chapters and topics for all subjects of each class.

Manage Teachers

Create new teachers under the department (Add personal, professional, and contact details) or edit existing ones.

Manage Students

Create new students (Add student & guardian details) and allocate a class or edit existing ones.

Manage Periods

Create/Edit period structure in the form of successive time-slots and allocate operation days.

Manage Timetable

Assign subjects and teachers for each period for different classes.

Syllabus Coverage

Here, HOD can track the syllabus coverage for each subject updated by the teacher. 

Manage Calendar

Add various schedules like holidays, events, date sheets, PTMs, etc. 

Time Table & Attendance

View time table, find his schedule, and mark lecture-wise attendance.

Assign Homework

Create a new assignment/homework for students (Class and subject-wise) along with a submission date.

Syllabus Coverage

View chapters and topics to be covered under each subject (created by HOD) and regularly update progress.

File Sharing

Teachers can share multi-media content and other important documents easily.

Rate Students

Weekly or monthly submit student performance in different subjects.


View schedules like holidays, events, date sheets, PTMs, etc.

View Teacher Feedback

Teachers can view feedback given to them under their department by the students.

Screen Sharing

To ensure that teachers and students are on the same page, teachers can share their screens.

Time Table & Attendance

Students can view time table, find their schedule, and check attendance.


Students can view assignment/homework assigned by teachers.

Syllabus Coverage

Students can view chapters and topics to be covered under each subject and current completion status.

Rate Teachers

Students can provide feedback to their teachers.


Here, students can view schedules like holidays, events, date sheets, PTMs, etc.

Raise Hand

Here, students can click on raise hand and ask their questions.

Record Sessions

Students can record sessions so that they can have access to them later.

In-session Chats

Students can get in touch with their peers in a lecture through in-session chats.

Time Table & Attendance

Parents can view time table, find their ward's schedule and check attendance.


Parents can view assignment/homework assigned by teachers.

Syllabus Coverage

View chapters and topics to be covered under each subject and current completion status.

Parents Performance

Parents can view their performance in different subjects.


View upcoming events, holidays, date sheets, PTMs, etc.


View payment dues and make online payments.

Receive Notifications

Parents receive important notifications through emails and SMS.

Get in Touch with Teachers

Parents can contact teachers to discuss their children’s problems.

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