HelpDesk is a vital IT help desk ticket system, catering to IT departments and support teams. Designed for seamless service request management, it efficiently tracks end-user issues. This comprehensive tool enhances overall IT support processes, fostering quick issue resolution and optimal organizational workflow management.

Why do organizations need HelpDesk

Lead the way with comprehensive IT help desk ticket system. InventPro 360 comprises of unique features that organizations can use for better lead and user management.

Ticket Creation

End-users can submit support requests or incident reports through web portals. These requests are typically converted into tickets automatically by the system.

Ticket Assignment

Tickets are assigned to specific IT personnel or support agents based on their expertise automatically with the help of pre-defined rules.


Tickets can be categorized and prioritized based on factors like the impact on the business, urgency, and severity of the issue. This helps support teams address critical issues first.

Tracking and Logging

A detailed log of all interactions related to a ticket is maintained. This includes timestamps, comments and any changes made to the ticket's status. 


Automation features can help streamline processes. For example, automatic email notifications, escalation rules, and predefined responses can improve efficiency.  

SLA Management

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be set for different types of tickets. The system can track and alert support teams when SLAs are at risk of being breached. After a stipulated time or after the SLA the ticket is automatically escalated to higher level  

Reporting and Analytics

Our Tool provide reporting tools that allow IT managers to track support team performance, identify trends in support requests, and assess the effectiveness of solutions. 

Security and Access Control

Access to tickets and sensitive information is typically controlled through user roles and permissions, ensuring data security and compliance. 


IT help desk ticket systems should be scalable to accommodate the needs of growing organizations.

Mastering SLA management isn't just about ticking boxes; it's the key to unlocking responsive and accountable IT support. Picture a world where customer satisfaction and incidents meet quick resolutions. It's not a distant dream—it's the result of crafting, monitoring, and enforcing SLAs with InventPro 360. It's not just a tool; it's the secret behind a robust IT help desk ticket system.