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Cerebrum Infotech helps you create effective SharePoint Solutions with SharePoint Server or Foundation to help improve collaboration, business processes, Intranet/Extranet Portals, content management, and search. Deploy our SharePoint applications to maximize your brand’s growth.

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microsoft sharepoint integration

Microsoft SharePoint Services We Offer

Avail our full-cycle services for optimized SharePoint solutions that will help improve employees’ activities while facilitating business processes. Our experience with SharePoint and overall product knowledge ensures an intuitive and efficient system for your users.

SharePoint Consulting

Address your company’s disorganized workflows and ineffective communication. Consult with us to improve your current solution’s adoption and performance. We will help you create a robust collaborative environment while cutting down on operational costs.

SharePoint Development

We offer custom SharePoint application development and other features like site templates, workflows, etc. The powerful tools we offer ensure better collaboration among employees while helping them fulfill their job effectively.

SharePoint Migration

Migrate your SharePoint solutions to the latest version, platforms, or cloud to upgrade features, improve productivity and reduce the overall cost of your digital workplace. Give your solutions a new life with seamless SharePoint migration solutions.

SharePoint Support

With SharePoint support and maintenance solutions, you can ensure appropriate performance from SharePoint solutions, empowering users to complete business tasks efficiently. Our developers and experts will help your business solve several SharePoint-related challenges.

SharePoint Integration

Connect SharePoint Solutions with other software, like CRM, DMS, and ERP, for improved interoperability and facilitates full-fledged collaboration between the CRM and centralized content repositories. Our experts offer smooth integration of SharePoint Solutions with external enterprise systems.

SharePoint Health Check

Deploy our SharePoint Health Check to identify present and potential problems in the SharePoint infrastructure, performance, architecture, and security. Our experts have a health check methodology that has provisions to assess SharePoint deployment and remove any issues in the process.

Microsoft SharePoint Services Partner

Microsoft SharePoint Platform services of Cerebrum Infotech include implementation, customization, and support. It includes setting up and configuring SharePoint, integrating SharePoint with other tools and systems, and providing appropriate training and support to users for easy integration. Avail our services to ensure that your SharePoint Solutions are effective, running smoothly, and meeting all your organization's needs.

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Our Universal SharePoint Services

Supports Your Business Goals

Improved Collaboration

Better Communication

Increased Productivity

Easier Information Access

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based platform for creating websites and a secure destination to store, organize, share, and access information. And all your users need to utilize the technology is a web browser of their choice.

SharePoint: A web-based platform for collaboration that integrates natively with Microsoft Office. Since its release in 2001, SharePoint has generally been promoted as a document management and storage solution. However, the software is highly flexible, and usage patterns vary significantly between different types of businesses.

With the SharePoint Enterprise plan, you can get features like enterprise search, mobility support, workflow management, social integration, advanced document management, business intelligence, and more.

SharePoint backup solutions are available for businesses that want to safeguard their data. In the case of SharePoint Online, Microsoft does have backups that keep all content for 14 additional days after the deletion. However, IT companies offer SharePoint Backup Solutions for businesses with custom SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint Document Management System has several features to help companies organize and store documents. It can include specialized sites or a loosely structured document library for fast document creation and collaboration. You can also collect the content into folders and sub-folders in the library.

A document management system serves the following purpose:

  • Automated organization, security, digitization, and classification of company documents.
  • Making them easier to access, edit and share.

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