Best Food Delivery Apps in 2022 - Most Loved Brands!

Best Food Delivery Apps in 2022 – Most Loved Brands!

Jeevanjot Kaur
January 14, 2022
Food Delivery App

The food delivery business took off really well in the beginning but then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and everything came to a standstill. In the meantime, companies figured out ways to not only keep their food delivery business running but thriving! Thanks to online food apps, food joints around the world are no more afraid of going out of business in the on-going pandemic.

The food delivery app business has become really competitive and before discussing the biggest food delivery companies in the world, let’s get familiar with the following terms:


A marketplace is a platform that brings buyers and sellers together. The inventory/products sold on a marketplace are not owned by the platform’s proprietors. They merely serve as a link between merchants and customers. 

There are two sorts of business models in the online meal delivery marketplace: – 

The Order-Only Model 

The marketplace owner exclusively adds restaurant partners in this scenario. Furthermore, the dish is delivered by a restaurant employee. 

The Order and Delivery Model 

In this model, the marketplace owner adds both restaurant and delivery partners to the mix. This means that the food is delivered by a delivery partner who works for the marketplace owner.

Let’s look at the Best Food Delivery Apps of 2022

Zomato – One of the best apps for food delivery with helpful recommendations

Zomato is an online food delivery and restaurant search platform that came into existence in 2008. The India-based firm performed so well in their home market that UberEats purchased all of their Indian operations for $400 million. Zomato is now available in 25 countries around the world.

Swiggy – Local eats, with a focus on pickups & delivery  

Swiggy is one of India’s most popular food ordering mobile apps. It was sparked by the idea of providing consumers with complete food ordering and transportation arrangements from the best neighboring restaurants. Swiggy is one of the most popular meal delivery applications in Bangalore and other major Indian cities. 

Swiggy has over 10 million downloads on Google Play. The business joins hands with nearby restaurants to provide customers with fresh food and charges a fixed commission to restaurants. 

Uber Eats – The home food delivery services if you are already using Uber

In 2014, Uber launched UberEats– a food delivery service. This online meal ordering service debuted in 2014 and made it simple to get food from nearby eating joints. The app had several beneficial features, including a clean and straightforward user interface, real-time order monitoring function, and the ability to pay using PayPal (in the US) or Uber Cash, so you wouldn’t have to dig out your debit or credit card as often. The app’s Indian business was sold to Zomato, but it continues to serve clients and ensure that you may order delicious food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered to your home in minutes!

DoorDash – Best food/meal delivery application  

DoorDash is one of the most well-known meal delivery applications in the world. It operates in 32 markets and services in approximately 300 cities. Little Caesars Pizza, the world’s third-largest pizza business, has partnered with DoorDash Inc. to offer delivery for the first time in its 60-year existence. DoorDash has been incredibly popular, and rightly so; the app, DoorDash has its own drivers called “dashers” to ensure timely delivery. It also offers free pick-up options to its users.

Postmates – All-purpose food delivery service

Postmates is an on-demand meal delivery service with over 90 sites around the United States that allows individuals to have things from nearby stores delivered to their door for a modest cost. Postmates business strategy has been compared to Uber; however, Postmates also allows clients to order groceries from nearby retailers. Postmates uses human dispatch services to distribute items, allowing anyone to order anything from anywhere in the city. Postmates couriers, like Uber drivers, get an arrival notification on their phone, and the company uses GPS to organize requests and deliveries as quickly as feasible. 

Flyer Eats – All in one Food Delivery app (Order food, vegetables, Grocery)

This app’s layout is fairly vivid, making it simple to locate different categories, cuisines, and sections. To find what you want, you can order from a variety of well-known restaurants or arrange them by cuisines, delivery time, or customer reviews. It operates in more than 50 locations and provides full menus with applicable costs so that you may plan and customize your order to meet your specific requirements. If you’re a foodie or frequently throw parties, this app will be your greatest friend, allowing you to avoid spending hours upon hours preparing food and becoming fatigued before the party even begins!

Eat Sure – Get more than just food delivered

If you’ve heard of Faasos before or are a fan of their service, you’ll probably enjoy EatSure! EatSure, which evolved from the Faasos app, now operates in approximately 60 cities and delivers high-quality cuisine from trusted restaurants and food outlets such as Faasos, Oven Story, Behrouz Biryani, and others! EatSure has implemented over 200 quality tests and steps to ensure that the food they bring is fresh, wholesome, and prepared in sanitary settings. In light of the threat posed by Covid 19, EatSure has instituted regular temperature and health checks for its delivery team, as well as ensuring that the food is cooked hygienically by the restaurants with whom it collaborates. To ensure 100 percent safety during delivery, your order is double-sealed and shipped in UV bags. Additionally, while using this app, you may find some of the best offers, unique coupons, and discounts. Due to its user-friendly interface, real-time order monitoring feature, severe quality checks, contactless delivery, and safety measures, it is regarded among the top food delivery apps in India. 

Grubhub – Best food delivery app with helpful recommendations 

Grubhub is regarded as one of the best food delivery apps. It is an American food ordering and delivery platform and was founded in 2004. It is available on iOS and Android platforms. When the user selects a restaurant, he is directed to the page of the restaurant to choose the menu. Some of the restaurants on Grubhub allows users to customize their orders. The app has more than 22 million active users and the numbers are expected to rise in future. The USP of Grubhub is that it offers the quickest way for customers to order their food; the real-time tracking feature is a favorite of customers. With Grubhub, restaurants can reach a large pool of audience. 

Final Words 

Food delivery has become a casual choice for people to get cooked food. Especially during the pandemic, we saw a huge surge in food delivery apps popularity. If you own an eating joint, a food delivery app can help you get more customers and increase ROI.  

Still not sure if building an app is right for your business? Enter new product development! It allows you to check the feasibility of your idea. The various stages of new product development ensure that you make the right decision for your business. 

These were some apps for food delivery that have been hugely popular around the world and are providing the ultimate convenience to customers.


Best food delivery apps Zomato, Grubhub, and Instacart.

Both food delivery apps are known for easy order placement, multiple payment modes, and quick checkout. Both are amazing for ordering from your favorite restaurants and provide the best food delivery services.

Food delivery is a competitive market; apps like Zomato, and Postmates, are the best and most cost-effective food delivery apps.

Zomato and Instacart are the best apps to order food.

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