Best Medicine Delivery Apps in the US

Best Medicine Delivery Apps in the US

Jeevanjot Kaur
July 28, 2022
Best Medicine Delivery Apps

A decade ago, medicine delivery was unheard of. People had to stand in a queue at a drugstore for at least 15 minutes only to hear that the medicine that the person wanted to buy was unavailable.   

With time, technological advancements have made people’s lives better. These days many people have become acquainted with online medicine delivery apps.   

With a medicine delivery app, people log in, upload the prescription, pay, and get medicines delivered at their doorstep. These apps gained traction during the pandemic; people continued to get on-call appointments and medicines through the best online medicine delivery app.  

Let’s see why there is an ever-growing need for medicine delivery apps:  

During the pandemic, offline stores were unable to meet the demand for healthcare products, and people were unable to get out of their homes to buy medicines due to government-imposed restrictions. In this time of need, medicine delivery apps were life saviors. They eliminate users’ need to visit a store to get medicines. These apps were embraced by both businesses and customers alike as they benefited both sections. Medicine delivery apps allow online retailers to attract more medicine buyers.  

For Customers  

  • Customers don’t have to step outside their homes to buy medicines  
  • Elderly and sick people can get medicines from the comfort of their homes  
  • Customers can receive reminders about their medication requirements  
  • Customers can buy over the counter medicines and get prescriptions from their healthcare provider to get medicines from the app  

For Pharmacies  

  • Pharmacies can boost their customer base  
  • Pharmacies attract more clients with their online presence  
  • Pharmacies can manage their inventory digitally  

Seeing the benefits and popularity of on-demand medicine delivery apps, many players have entered the market. Here, we are providing a list of the best medicine delivery apps in the US.  

CVS Pharmacy  

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy, owned by CVS Health, is an American company that serves more than nine thousand areas in the USA. Apart from medicines, the app offers health products such as first-aid kids and personal care products. The rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store depicts users are happy with the app.  

Main Features of CVS Pharmacy  

  • Easy registration process  
  • User-friendly mobile platform  
  • Variety of options; users can buy medicines and healthcare products  



NowRx is a prescription-based medicine delivery app that was founded in 2015. The quick registration of the app allows customers to order their medicines without waiting. The app has some cutting-edge features like real-time tracking of the order, which plays an integral role in providing the best services to customers.  

Main Features of NowRx  

  • The option of video chat with a pharmacist  
  • Doctors can send a prescription to NowRx directly  
  • Medicine delivery within one day  



CereKart is a new-age solution that aims to simplify the online medicine delivery process. It’s an easy-to-use app, equipped with the latest features and functionalities with the intent to provide the best experience to app users. CereKart’s features include real-time tracking, in-app notifications, medication reminders, reviews and ratings, etc. It is regarded as the best app for medicine delivery.  

Main Features of CereKart  

  • Best-in-class app for customers and pharmacies  
  • Get in touch with a pharmacist available on the app  
  • Upload prescriptions easily  

Capsule Pharmacy  

Capsule Pharmacy

Capsule pharmacy guarantees same-day free delivery. It has a fantastic 4.9 rating on the Apple store due to its great features. The app generates millions of dollars in revenue and is an inspiration for those thinking about venturing into the online medicine delivery business.  

Main Features of Capsule  

  • There is one store per city to choose from for medicine purchases  
  • You can learn about your prescription on the app- how many doses you need to take and the cost  
  • A pharmacist is available to chat 24/7  



PillPack, the Amazon-owned medicine delivery app, is hugely popular with customers as it provides personalization options to its users. The app provides free medicine delivery, and orders are sorted according to the time and amount specified by doctors. The great thing about PillPack is that by creating an account, you can access caregivers.  

Main features of PillPack  

  • Great for people who need medicines regularly  
  • The online dashboard allows consumers to manage their refills, prescriptions, and shipments.  



Phrma is one of the most reliable medicine delivery apps. The company is based in Washington. You can order medicines by uploading a prescription and get free delivery at your preferred location. The app offers a quick login process, and one can log in with a phone number or email id. The company is known for delivering authentic medicines.  

Main Features of Phrma  

  • The app is easy-to-use and offers great features  
  • Known for providing authentic and genuine products  
  • One can chat with a pharmacist on the app  



One of the top medicine delivery apps, RiteAid, operates a chain of medical stores in the country. People can upload the prescription and order medicines with a single tap. Customers can purchase diet, exercise, and healthcare products. RiteAid eve opened CoronaVirus testing centers in Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey.  

Main features of RiteAid  

  • A trusted name in medicine delivery  
  • Online tracking of the order  
  • Get a wide variety of products under one roof  

To Summarize  

There are a variety of medicine delivery apps available in the market that provide amazing services to their customers. Customers love these apps because of the convenience they provide and on-demand apps provide a great opportunity to businesses to get in touch with more customers and increase revenue. Are you looking to build a medicine delivery app? You can take inspiration from the apps listed above and build a robust and scalable medicine delivery app. The very first step to building a medicine delivery app is to get in touch with a company that has a history of building flexible, feature-rich apps. You can check online reviews and ratings to select a medicine delivery app development company. After shortlisting the company, an initial phone call with the company will help you share your requirements with them in detail. You should also decide on the must-have features of the app and the budget. With the right people in the team, you can build an awesome solution in less time. 

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