10 Best News Apps for Both Android & iOS in 2023

10 Best News Apps for Both Android & iOS in 2023

Simran Dhawan
September 21, 2022
Best News Apps

People’s mobile phones have become their primary source of information. However, getting news from social media is the most unreliable method. Hence, finding the best news apps for your phone and enjoying the latest news from the most credible sources is essential. While the sheer number of news available online is remarkable, distinguishing between real and fake news is challenging.  

Before globalization, and the technological advancements of today, getting any news was a luxury. Now, you have a spew of information everywhere you go. Thanks to the internet and social media, it is almost impossible to go without knowing the significant events worldwide. As not everything you see online can be trusted, people need to find reliable and credible sources of information that they can visit for daily news.   

Following the latest mobile app development trends while creating the news application is an added bonus. 

The Parameters Considered for Rating the Best News Apps 

While choosing the good apps for news, these are the parameters we considered:  

Here, the focus is on just mobile apps, and these are the factors:  

  • Personal Feed: A well-presented feed with the exceptional organization on custom feed.  
  • Search and Filter: The appropriate news app must have a search and filter option.  
  • Customization: Every reader wants different experiences, so the option of personalization, following specific topics, saving searches and creating folders.  
  • Content Interaction: Presence of content engagement like comment section or share option. 

Top 10 Best News Apps in 2023 

While everyone would like to stay updated with current affairs globally, finding the appropriate sources for it can become challenging. So, what is the best app for news? Well, there is no correct answer to that question. Hence, we created a list of the top 10 news apps you can use on the web, Android, or iOS devices.  

Here are our top picks of Best News Apps in 2023: 

Apple News: Affordable Access 

Apple has a native news app, Apple News, available on both iPhones and iPads. For Apple users, it can become their primary source of information on the latest news in several categories. The unique personalization per your interests makes Apple News an excellent contender for one of the best news apps available online. There is also the option of a news aggregator, but you need to pay for Apple News+.  

Apple’s most significant benefit is that it offers content that is behind the paywalls of several big news publishers like The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and many others for only $9.99/month. The same information will cost you significantly more if you buy each subscription individually.  

Top Features of Apple News  

  • Powerful integration is available with the rest of the Apple ecosystem, leading to improved functionality.  
  • It is the best news app for iPhone.  
  • A clear user persona is available to Apple, leading to better personalization.  
  • Apple+ subscription offers premium content from several sources.  
  • An exceptional user experience that users have come to expect from Apple.  

No downloads are needed! It comes pre-installed in Apple products and is not available for Android users. 

Available on iOS.

Google News: Widespread Information 

Google News is among the top news apps and the biggest and most versatile news aggregators in the world. The huge data Google possesses enables the company to provide a personalized feed to each user. The users do not have to do much to get the personalization, as Google generally knows your interests. Moreover, Google News can also offer local news stations if that is what you need.  

Top Features of Google News  

  • Google does an excellent job of eliminating biased reporting with its ‘Full Coverage’ button. The option allows the users to go through several sources on any topic, giving a thorough picture of events.  
  • Users can subscribe to their preferred news sources and read them from the application.  
  • Premium subscription is available for news outlets.  
  • Will offer interconnected updates on news that you are already interested in.  

Available on both Android and iOS

Flipboard: Extreme Personalization

The Flipboard is best described as the combination of fashion magazine aesthetics and the excitement of an amusement park ride. It is among the most trendy and engaging news applications that you can find online. The beautiful visuals and exceptional design help provide users with news stories creatively. 

It is best for news if you like to experience a range of content, including slideshows, videos, and articles. Moreover, it directly connects to social media sites where you can share stories. It is also one of the best free news apps. 

Top Features of Flipboard 

  • The exceptional design makes it challenging to leave the website. 
  • A Special “For You” tab that offers a more personalized experience. 
  • It also has a real-time streaming option that lets users see the events as they occur. 
  • It is the best news aggregator that lets users make their own magazine, allowing them more creativity and higher personalization. 

Available on both Android and iOS

Ground News: Ideal for Identifying Political Bias

Though the application can look dull to some, personally, I found it to mimic the real newspaper feel. The Ground summary at the beginning of each post allows readers to skim the story before investing significant time in reading the story. The application has both a paid and free version, so you can choose to pay for additional services or opt for the minimal viable product (MVP) web apps experience. 

Top Features of Ground News 

  • Short Summary at the beginning to help readers. 
  • Offers a Wide range of perspectives 
  • Special bar that shows the source’s political leaning.  

Available on both Android and iOS

NewsBreak: No Paywalls in Sight 

There is no better place for people who want information related to their local community than NewsBreak. It is among the best local news apps that you can find online. The application primarily focuses on aggregating news based on users’ location. The interface is plain and minimal, allowing the readers to focus on relevant areas. Here, local contributors can add stories related to current events, making it one of the best-unbiased news apps available today. Best of all, access to news apps is free.  

Top Features of NewsBreak  

  • Easy access to local news allows users insights into what is happening nearby, making it the best app for local news.  
  • The interface offers a card view to engage the users and not make them feel overwhelmed.  
  • The interactive experience is available through the Thumbs-up and comment section.  

Available on both Android and iOS

Yahoo News: A Comprehensive Video News App 

The beautiful layout of Yahoo news with bright yellows and purples gives it an exceptional personality. The design offers a range of articles that focus on the same topic, and users can scroll to find another bunch of articles on a different topic.  

Top Features of Yahoo News  

  • The option to view the news in video format is the biggest contributor to its success.  
  • Users can scroll through the news while a small window continues to play the video you have already selected  
  • There are some ads in between the various sections. However, for a free application, that is a small price to pay.  

Available on both Android and iOS

News360: Simplicity at its best  

News360 is another great news aggregator that has been serving its users for over a decade now. The application does offer news from multiple sources, based on each user’s interest. With over 1 million topics, you will find information that interests you on the application. The application already has built a strong following, owing to the fact that they cover such diverse topics.  

Top Features of News360  

  • Stunning design that does not compromise usability.  
  • A search feature that allows users to find relevant news quickly.  
  • Bespoke customization options for users.  
  • Like/dislike buttons on news  
  • Option of listening to the news through audio stories  

Available on both Android and iOS

BBC News: Credibility Galore

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is among the most credible sources of information that you can find online. They offer to keep readers updated about the latest news stories and have relevant videos. Their innovative methods of keeping the users engaged while reading the news make it the best app for world news.  

Top Features of BBC News:  

  • Exceptional personalization is available with the “My News” section, which users can deploy to visit the section of their choice.  
  • In-app Live-streaming news channels that deliver the TV News experience to your phone.  
  • Notifications related to breaking news to keep users updated about the most relevant matters worldwide.  

Available on Both Android and iOS.

The New York Times: For the Award-Winning Reporting Experience 

The New York Times is one of the best world news apps powered by a company that provides news in print. The company is known for its award-winning reporting and offers access to its news on the digital platform if you have subscribed to it. The company has been providing news for over a century now.  

Top Features of the New York Times App  

  • Availability of offline reading option for subscribers who have lost connection to the internet in their vicinity, like traveling in the subway.  
  • Special notification of the latest news on topics of interest for readers.  
  • A user-friendly interface that is highly intuitive and easy to use.  

Available on both Android and iOS 

CNN News:  24-hour News Supplier

CNN was the company that first came out with 24-hour cable news. And now, it has an official mobile app that amounts to 40% of its total internet traffic. The application is straightforward to navigate and highly engaging. It offers a massive range of articles primarily targeted toward the United States audience, but the application does have provisions for local region news.  

Top Features of CNN Mobile News App  

  • Exclusive content is available on the website  
  • Live streaming option for people who enjoy watching videos.  
  • Inclusion of popular shows relevant to video news lovers.  

Available on both Android and iOS 

 Which of these mobile news apps would you like to download to your phone? 

Final Thoughts – Let Us Develop the Best News Apps for Your Customers 

You, too, can offer a news aggregator application for your users through Cerebrum Mobile app development services. We help you create the best news apps for your customers in minimal time. 

Do your bit to provide unbiased and exceptional news to readers who want the information. We will ensure that the interface offers a distraction-free experience to your readers, helping them stay updated daily. 


The best news apps for individuals will vary depending on the readers' preference. However, for the most part, one of the following four applications will fulfill a reader’s needs.

  • Apple News

  • Google News

  • NewsBreak

  • News360

If you do not want to install anything and own an iOS product, Apple News+ is the appropriate choice. Google News is Android’s application for personalized news.

The best free daily news apps include Google News, Apple News, and Flipboard.

News360 does a great job providing bite-sized news that people can consume quickly. Therefore, it is among the best world news apps available today.

Several news applications do an excellent job of providing news from various perspectives. It includes Google News, News 360, Flipboard, etc.

The most popular apps that offer news and work on both Android and iOS include News 360, NewsBreak, BBC, and Flipboard.

Simran Dhawan

Simran is a keen enthusiast when it comes to sharing her thoughts. With more than several years of experience in content management and working with clients of all stature, gave her the critical understanding of always presenting with the best.

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