Build A Successful Food Delivery App Like Zomato And Swiggy

Build A Successful Food Delivery App Like Zomato And Swiggy

Jeevanjot Kaur
November 1, 2020
Food Delivery App

The use of food delivery apps is on the rise like never before. The biggest reason for their popularity is the convenience offered to order food online that gets delivered quickly at reasonable prices.

Food ordering app acts as a bridge between restaurants and customers. On-demand food delivery apps such as Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats are popular among customers these days. Online food ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since the year 2014.

In countries, where there is a large number of the middle-class population, online food delivery apps are continuously on the rise. In urban areas, everybody has smartphones, and a lot of people prefer food delivery to cook at home. Also, unemployed youth gets a job, which is a positive factor in these apps.

The food delivery apps like zomato and swiggy that you see in the market have a beautiful design, and they are highly sophisticated; there is almost a 500% growth rate observed in the number of customers in the last four years. This rate is expected to grow more by 2022.These apps are great for people who don’t know how to cook or don’t have time to cook. The food ordering app allows customers to have access to fresh food anytime and anywhere. Apps make the task simple; a user just has to swipe and find restaurants with great food and good reviews and place the order.

If you are looking to build a food app like zomato and swiggy , you need to pay special attention to the design of the app. A responsive app with GPS tracking features and a streamlined flow of food menus is a must.

Below we are providing a list of must-have features in a food delivery application:

Easy Interface

Your user will see the interface when he opens your app. Users should be able to use your app easily. As soon as users log in, make sure they find it easy to understand and navigate. When users find the process tiresome, they leave the app.

Easy Accessibility of Data

Data in food delivery apps refer to all the relevant information such as restaurants, their menu, delivery time, etc. When information is available in an easy-to-access manner, users can make the decision easily.

Live Order Tracking

Users want to know where their order is, in how much time it will reach to them. You must offer live order tracking to users so that they can know where their order is and when it is expected to reach them.

Secure Payments

Users don’t want to compromise on security. Confidential information of users such as their address, phone number, etc. should remain secure. You should integrate multiple payment methods into your app. You must have noticed in Swiggy, Zomato there are multiple payment methods, which make the ordering process simple.

Multiple Ways to Order

Mobile apps are great, but some people still use websites to order food. Leave no stone unturned. Provide multiple ways for customers to order from your restaurant. Provide both Android and iOS apps to users.

Rewards & Offers

Who doesn’t like rewards and offers? It is a great way to attract customers. You can offer customers first-time discounts and loyalty discounts so that they keep on ordering from you. Pocket-friendly deals are a preference of the majority of customers. Discounts and rewards help food companies to increase sales.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to engage customers. Through push notifications, customers get reminders about your business. They can get to know about rewards and discounts instantly, which lure them to order fast.

Reviews, Testimonials and Ratings

Reviews, testimonials and ratings are of utmost importance. When new customers come to your app, they read reviews and ratings and then decide whether they want to order from you or not. Send reminders to customers to provide reviews and ratings after they get the delivery of their food. Also, reviews and ratings are a great way to build the trust of customers. Have a look at your reviews and ratings, if you find negative reviews, look into the matter, and assure your customers that you are working to solve the issues. It’s a great way to build Food business credibility.

While building a food delivery app, you have to pay attention to the following parts of the app :

Customer App

The customer app helps customers to order food. It is similar to the website interface and has different restaurants, menus, and filters to let customers choose what they want without any trouble. There are payment options, and this will work similarly to the food delivery website for the customers and help them order food online effortlessly. Just like the website interface, it will have different restaurant menus, freedom of choice with a variety of food items, different payment options, and options to track orders on GPS-enabled maps.

Delivery Driver App

This interface is for delivery persons. They get notifications of orders allocated to them, payment options, and details of the location.

Restaurant App

With this interface, restaurants to accept orders, manage payments, and keep track of the delivery of persons.

Admin App

This admin-specific app interface controls all the above interfaces, and admin panel takes care of discounts, promotions, customer support, payment processing.

Final Words

You can get in touch with the best food delivery app development services food delivery app development company to help you build online food delivery apps. Tailor-made solutions are the best as you can mold them as per your needs.

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