Build an Uber like Plumber App to Increase Revenue

Build an Uber like Plumber App to Increase Revenue

Rupinder Kaur
May 23, 2021
Plumber Apps

The on-demand apps have made a special place in the lives of many people. On-demand apps offer the ultimate convenience to one and all. Nowadays, every sector seems influenced by on-demand apps; they can be food, fleet, or home services. On-demand apps are a perfect way for businesses to reach an audience and generate more revenue. In today’s time, if nothing works well, the users incline towards a digital world, even if they are searching for nearby plumbers. Whether you are an individual plumber or have a well-established plumbing business, creating the app for plumbing services is the ultimate decision. It will surely help to increase the customers’ experience, scalability, and credibility of your business.

Home service business has great scope when brought online with on apps. Home services app include services from cleaners, handymen, plumbers, electricians, etc. If you have a plumbing business and want to bring your business online with the help of a home services app, building an Uber-like plumbing app is a great idea!

How will the Uber Clone App be Beneficial for Your Business?

There is a huge demand for plumbing services; in 2017, the plumbing service market had a market value of USD 980 million, and it is showing steady growth. Around the world, the market is valued at $107 billion. With the continuous advancement in on-demand marketplaces, several business owners, as well as entrepreneurs, are trying to adopt new strategies to find potential customers in order to grow their businesses. Nowadays, many users search for convenient on-demand plumber services; thus, creating a functional plumber mobile app is a great idea.

Online presence helps in the business growth up to a great extent, and it’s a great way to increase revenue. These days users spend the maximum of their time online, so it makes sense to reach your customers where they are, i.e., online. The best thing about online presence is that your business is open 24/7. Your customers can reach you anytime; it helps you to grab opportunities.

Key Features of a Plumber App Like Uber

Before building an app, you must decide on its features. The below features will help you to make an engaging app:


Home services apps like the plumbing app should be based on specific demography and currency.

Book Service

Users should be able to book services without any hassle. Nobody wants to spend hours booking a service. The whole booking experience should be convenient for users. Use the advanced search feature in your app that allows users to search for a specific thing they are looking for. For example, they can search tap installation, pipe leak, etc. It helps users find a plumber who is experienced in tasks.

Schedule Service

Schedule service is an integral feature of a plumbing app. Users are given the power to decide when they want the plumber to come into the house and do the task. Since we all lead very busy lives, it’s not possible to let the plumber come in any time. With the schedule service feature, users can book a time slot they are fine with. The plumber may accept or reject the request as per his schedule.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to remind users of any discounts, coupons, or upcoming sales on services. Push notifications remind users of your brand. Push notifications are not irritating for users as it a subtle way of telling them to avail services from you.

In-App Chat

The in-app chat feature allows users to chat with the plumber. The feature helps provide confidence to users about your services.

Multiple Payment Modes

Every user has a favorite payment mode that he/she trusts. It’s best to provide users with multiple payment modes such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, etc.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and rating features should never be ignored. Positive reviews help other users to trust your business, and negative reviews help you understand the shortcomings and you can work on them to improve your business.

Now, these were the features that you must keep in your app, but to build an awesome app, there are other things as well that you need to keep in mind:

Target Audience

You must know your target audience. Your app should appeal to those looking for services such as installations, drainage pipes, leaky valves, etc. Though most of the plumbers provide all of these services, it creates a better impact when you define your services in layman’s language.

Don’t Go Overboard with Features

It is crucial to keep the necessary features in your plumber app. However, it’s also important not to clutter the app with unnecessary features. Features that are of no use to the audience should be avoided. Many times, new app makers make this blunder and fill the app with so many features that users get confused. Offer the right services at the right time.

Fast App

The fast app is always preferred. Nobody wants to spend more than 3 seconds on an app that takes forever to launch. You must ensure that your app is fast and it provides a great experience to users. If your app is fast, users would recommend it to others as well; otherwise, they will uninstall it without giving a second thought.

Basic steps to build an Uber like Plumber App

Here are some of the steps involved in building an on-demand plumber service app:

  • The initial step is to plan your business & revenue model.
  • The next step is to note down the features. This is one of the mandatory steps which must be considered on a priority basis. Always try to add advanced features for a great user experience.
  • After that, you can get into the app development process. Either you opt to create the app from scratch or use the readily available app development solutions.
  • Finally, the last but one of the most important points is that promote the app. Once you have successfully done with the app development process, then you can market it to attract customers and generate revenues.

How to Choose a Plumber App Service Provider?

On-demand home services app development requires effort and a great team that knows what it is doing. Finding a reliable app service provider is no easy task. Finding the right On-demand app development company is the most important step of building a great app. To find a reliable provider, one should keep the following things in mind:

Check the Portfolio

Check the portfolio of the service provider. Opt for the one that has worked on an app similar to yours because the service provider would know the nitty-gritty of developing an app like the Uber plumbing app.

Check Client Testimonials

Client testimonials will help you know whether clients are happy with the services of the company or not. You can also get in touch with the clients to know more about the experience.

Online Ratings and Reviews

Online ratings and reviews of a company give a glimpse of the work culture, client engagement, and success of the company. If the company has significant positive reviews and high ratings, you can trust the company.

Free Trial

If you are in doubt, you can always ask for a free trial. This way you don’t need to buy the full-fledged product before knowing what you are diving into.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above-made discussion about building the Plumber App is an excellent choice. In addition, the cost of building the on-demand plumber app may vary. The cost estimation can depend on several factors such as the number of hours required for the application development, basic project needs, company size, technology used to create an app, resources, features, and functionalities add on in the application. Mobile apps are required to be built with exclusive features that provide an excellent user experience. Thus, it is necessary to choose highly skilled professionals to build a plumber app for your business.

Businesses worldwide understand the importance of coming online; even for a home service business, the online world offers endless opportunities. Do you want to get a flawless and high-speed app with multiple features? If yes, then reach us. Our top-notch professionals will help you to develop a successful Uber-like plumbers app. You can trust us; we will surely meet your all business needs.

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