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Creating On-Demand Flower Delivery App in 2022


Florists and owners of gift shops were struggling to meet delivery targets. Business owners and their customers have always been looking for a simple, yet fast delivery solution, to please their loved ones. 

Well, the good news is that all this is possible with customized app development. Yes, customized apps that bring delectable meals from our favorite restaurants to our doorsteps and allow us to book a cab from anywhere, also enable us to provide flowers to our loved ones to make their special moments memorable. All this is possible with an online flower delivery app.   

Recent advancement in app development, & new features, it is now possible to access new services.

Convenience & Quality 

Why do users depend on an on-demand app? CereKart provides convenience; users don’t have to go out and buy stuff; they can simply complete their purchase with just a few clicks. Users want great quality flowers and that too in less time. You must pick out the right delivery time frame for your flower app. To build business credibility, it is must to provide the audience with quality services. 

Understand Your Users’ Requirements 

To make your flower delivery app like netflorist successful, you have to understand what users want. You need to know which type of bouquet people prefer to send on certain occasions. For example, people love to send red roses on Valentine’s Day. They prefer to send yellow and white flowers to friends and colleagues. Instead of trusting your guts, you need to understand the requirements of users.

Do market research, understand what users want and what they don’t want. In accordance with it, add functionalities and features to your app. 

UI/UX of the App

UI/UX of the app should be simple and user-friendly. No user would like to use an app that is full of complexity and requires a tutorial to access your app. If users find your app difficult to use, they will uninstall it within minutes. Keep your design simple and clean. 

Features for the User Panel:

  • Sign Up/Login: Users who are using the app for the first time need to sign up by filling in their email id or phone number and password; they can log in with the same information whenever they want.
  • Filters– Filters allow users to find what they are looking for. You must not skip this feature. 
  • Preview Flowers and Details– In this section, users can see types of bouquets and get details about the type of flowers used. 
  • Order History– The order History feature allows users to have a look at their previous orders. Users can repeat the same order if they wish. 
  • Payment Options– Add a variety of payment options such as COD, card, net banking, or PayPal. Different payment options build business credibility.
  • Order Tracking– Users should be able to track their orders. They should know where their order is and how much time will it take for the order to reach the destination. 
  • Reviews and Feedback: Users can share their experiences and give ratings and reviews. 

Features For Admin Panel

  • Login– The admin can log in and have a look at the orders placed and process them. 
  • Order & Fleet management– With this feature, the admin can assign order requests to the drivers. 
  • Settings– From here, the admin can update all the flower categories and gift combos.  
  • Payment dashboard– The admin can track the payments made by the users.
  • Marketing Management– This feature allows the admin to manage email templates, all the running advertisements, and promotional campaigns.
  • Pop-up notification– Pop-up notifications remind your customers about the products in their cart, new offers, and discounts. It’s a great way to attract users.
  • Cloud Management– Cloud management can streamline your app and make it convenient. 
  • Social media share– Social media share is a powerful feature that allows you to have a free promotion. When people like your app, they share it on social media. By providing them a simple button to share it on their favorite social media, you are making the process simple for them.  
  • Delivery Preferences– Many apps add the delivery preferences feature on the app. Users can decide at what time they want flowers to be delivered. It makes the moments more special. For example, some users like their flowers to be delivered at 12 am when it’s someone’s birthday. 
  • Customized Notes– You should allow users to write a personal note along with the flower arrangement. It adds a personal touch. 
  • Multi-currency– Allow users to pay in their own currency to remove any unnecessary hurdles. When you provide a multi-currency feature, a person sitting in Australia can send flowers to his friends in India.  

These were some of the important features that an On-demand App Development Company must add to the flower app.  


Final Words

On-demand flower apps are in demand. Users want apps that make their life easy and provide convenience. Ask the flower app development company to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP); MVP is a bare version of the app that has all the necessary features. You can analyze if everything is as you want; if yes, then you can ask the online flower delivery app to go ahead.

Jeevanjot Kaur

Jeevanjot loves to write about new technology and presents a different view on various topics. She helps clients build a clear marketing message to create sales consistently.

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