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Find Top 10 On-demand Home Service Apps in 2022


We're witnessing the impact of continuous technological change. It has evolved in the manner affecting the way we live today. New tech has a range of benefits for businesses and stakeholders. Undoubtedly, our lives have got better with time-to-time interaction and innovative approaches to daily chores. 

Now, imagine a situation where you are lying on a bed and in no mood to clean the house when your favorite series is premiering on Netflix. Now that childhood magic pencil is in your hands; you can swirl it by your choice, which happens with the on-demand home service app. 

Well, technology has shown us numerous ways to fulfill our desire and let that magic happen anyway. 

To deliver efficient services, on-demand home services app development bridges the gap between real-world infrastructure and quick digital networks. 

According to the reports shown by Technavio, "The online on-demand home services market has the potential to grow by USD 4730.31 billion during 2021-2025, and the market's growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 70.15%."

The online on-demand home service apps enclose almost all the digital marketplaces, which provide easy access to a range of home services. 

Apps make it easy to engage on-demand home services, cleaning services, home maintenance, and on-demand cleaning services.  

Knowing that client loyalty is based on the service given, providers must maintain a consistently high level of service. 

Let us talk about the best handyman apps which exist to make your lives easy.   


Top 10 Handyman Apps You Must Be Aware Of


1. Thumbtack


This on-demand home service app permits the scheduling time with the handyman on an immediate basis. Consumers can quickly grab the option to book a handyman for the estimation of their work and time. They can easily hire the specific service from the app.  



This handyman app allows laborers and skilled professionals to be hired by the user and perform the task allotted to them. It also allows the user to get connected to thousands of skilled professionals who can handle handyman services such as cleaning, deliveries, and much more.   


3. Family Handyman


This is the app that is known to bestow the pro ideas and helps in saving time and money. They can also get you different ideas and tips that vary from pest control, carpentry, cleaning, painting, woodworking, and whatnot. Along with the services, they can get you in for the home improvement tips too.  


4. BrightNest