How Food Delivery Apps Are Facilitating Citizens Amid Lockdown?

How Food Delivery Apps Are Facilitating Citizens Amid Lockdown?

Jeevanjot Kaur
January 10, 2021
Food Delivery Apps

The coronavirus pandemic has put our lives to a halt. Almost all businesses are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. However, the pandemic has made us rely on food ordering appsIt is becoming difficult for food ordering apps and restaurants to cope with the orders, and they have hired more workers and eliminated fees.


FoodBoss, which compares Uber Eats, Postmates,, etc., in more than 50 cities see an increase in contactless delivery options because of the pandemic. The founder and CEO of FoodBoss, Michael DiBenedetto, said that the majority of consumers understand the situation; they know that in the pandemic, delivery estimates will vary. He further added that some restaurants are working with bare minimum employees to provide delivery and pick-up services, and we all need to be patient in these tough times.


These days customers want delivery agents to place the order on their doorsteps and go so that they don’t have to get in touch with the delivery agents. Initially, there was a surge in pricing due to higher demand for food delivery. But after that, food delivery apps eliminated fees. In Canada and the USA, Uber Eats stopped charging any delivery fee from local restaurants. Companies are aware that people are in a difficult situation, and they are helping them instead of taking advantage of the situation. Restaurants, consumers, and apps are coming together to ensure food delivery is accessible.


Companies are hiring more staff. Amazon is hiring as many as 100,000 workers and is increasing hourly pay from $15 to $17. To help with delivery operations, Dominos is hiring 10,000 employees, and Walmart is planning to add 150,000 employees.


On-Demand Delivery App is a great way to boost the economy. We are in a recession. Food delivery apps are our saviors. How? People know that going to the market is not safe as they can get in contact with the people having the disease, and it is way easier and safe to order online through food delivery applications; there is “no contact” service and people get numerous choices. Food delivery apps are a great way for people to order what they want, and it gets delivered at their doorsteps.


Not Shutting Down of Food Business

The food marketplace is huge. The lockdown imposed during the pandemic was hard on every business. There was a fear of infection. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure,” the lockdown was important to stop the spread of coronavirus. Now slowly, businesses are returning on track. Online mobile food delivery apps proved beneficial for many local eateries and prevented them from shutting down permanently.

Restaurant Mobile Apps –Life Saviors

The food delivery apps have shown us the power of digitization. Small local restaurants have created their own Facebook and Instagram pages. They also have their own food delivery apps, and some restaurants have partnered with famous online food delivery companies to deliver food to people. Restaurant mobile apps development is a trend that is gaining popularity and helping people in the pandemic. It is also keeping business afloat. 

Online Food Delivery Apps Makes Social Distancing Easy

Since social distancing is a must to beat coronavirus, online food delivery app development businesses are using this way to beat the economic problem they are facing. It is easy and convenient to order food with the help of a mobile app and stay away from crowded areas. 


Food delivery companies are taking all the precautionary measures such as using gloves, wearing facemasks, sanitizing vehicles, etc., to ensure the delivery is safe. Contactless delivery by food delivery companies helps consumers to trust them.

Remote Workers

Many companies have asked their employees to work remotely. People are working from their homes; people who live alone and don’t know how to cook, or people who simply don’t have time to cook are finding it difficult to manage. Thanks to online food delivery apps, they can order food and get it delivered. It is a safe way to get fresh food delivered to your home. 

Elderly Can Order Food Easily

Since aged people find it difficult to use new technology, the food delivery apps are also providing a provision to call and order. People above 65 may find it difficult to order via an app as they don’t use the internet daily. Having a provision to call and order makes their lives easy as they don’t have to step outside their homes in the coronavirus pandemic. They can order groceries, cooked food from restaurant apps by calling.

Getting All the Essentials with a Single Click

App developers are providing various apps to make the lives of people easy. Apart from food delivery services, we see grocery delivery services, medicine delivery services, etc. People can feel safe in their homes and get all the basic necessities at their doorsteps. 

Helping Employees As Well

The employees of food delivery services get all the necessary facilities required for their safety. If the employees get infected with the coronavirus, they are providing paid medical leave as well. 

Food Quarantine Facility

For people who are home quarantined and are not able to cook can order food with food delivery apps. It is of great help to people who are recovering. They can stay in their homes and get whatever they need by ordering from the apps. This way, they can save others as well.

Social Responsibility

Food delivery apps are also helping homeless people in the time of the pandemic. People who are in need and can’t afford to pay are getting constant help from online food delivery companies. 

Apart from that, the digital payment methods in digital apps make it easy to have a “no contact” service and are saving people from getting infected.

Final Words

In the coronavirus pandemic, the food business has taken the help of on-demand delivery apps to grow. Food ordering apps are keeping the economy alive. With time, everything is coming on track. Food delivery apps played a huge role in making the lives of people convenient in the pandemic.

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