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Must-Have Features in an Online Marketplace That Help You Beat Competitors


The online marketplace is growing at a rapid rate. The online marketplace app provides convenience to buyers and sellers. For consumers, the online marketplace is a great way to save time and money. With a couple of clicks, customers are able to find amazing deals online and have any type of product, be it electronic gadgets, clothes, footwear, or furniture, delivered to their doorsteps. Sellers understand the benefits of a strong online presence in building a reputation and want to build a marketplace app; however, creating a successful app requires a lot of knowledge.

Before jumping on how to build an Online Shopping App, let's find out the various features required in an online marketplace app:

Easy Registration Process

The online marketplace app that you are building should have an easy registration process; this step should never be ignored. Users like to register at sites where the registration process is straightforward and easy, contrary to the complex and long registration process of many sites. Users won't register if the process takes a lot of time. In fact, they run away from those sites. If you want your users to register, make the process quick and easy.  It sounds like an easy thing to achieve, but it's not; in fact, many marketplace apps fail to achieve so. It is seen that apps that offer a difficult registration process are quickly uninstalled by users. In today's time, when people don't have much time, it is important to make the registering process free from any hassle, easy, and quick.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the most interesting features of the online marketplace app. The AR technology helps customers to visually evaluate the product they are buying. AR is very popular among manufacturers and suppliers of furniture.

As per Houzz, a platform that connects experts and homeowners in repairing houses and interior design, by using Augmented Reality, users are 11 times more likely to make the purchase than those who visited the web resource.

The Augmented Reality is also applied to appliances, clothing, and other household products. The online marketplaces are using the AR concept actively; for example, IKEA Place, the augmented reality application, provides its users to add 3D models of Ikea products to any space.

Advanced Search

Advanced search is a simple feature, which, nevertheless, is crucial to selling the product. Customers should be able to find it first. Make your search as efficient as possible.

You can make the searching experience easy for your customers in the following ways:

Voice Search

Voice search is an important feature to add to your online e-market app. The information about the product on your online marketplace should be compatible with voice search as well as optimized for it.  For example, in response to a voice request "Buy a pen", the search engine should get a list of popular pen options.

The Voice search feature is not used readily as yet. To get ahead of your competitors, you can make use of this feature.

Photo Shopping

Does it happen to you that you don't remember the name or brand of a product and you wish to buy it? Well, your dreams are coming true with the photoshopping feature. All you have to do is click a picture of the product and search for it with the help of the clicked image. Simple, right? This feature is going to become hugely popular in the online marketplaces. D you know that Amazon and eBay are already using the photoshopping feature?


Some online marketplace apps ignore this feature, but you shouldn't. This feature helps when the person is not actually making the purchase but keeping the products on the wishlist for future purchase. Maybe the person is not keen on making the purchase now, but he will purchase those products in the near future. Wishlists are a great way of making people your buyers. Let's take an example of Amazon- Amazon offers three versions of Wishlists:

  • Public: Any visitor on Amazon can see the wishlist
  • Shared: only people you allow can see the wishlist (it can serve as a guide to them to choose the best birthday gift for you).
  • Private: nobody can see the wishlist apart from you.

Help and Support

In order to ensure the success of your online marketplace app, you need to keep your users happy. Among other things, provide them with timely assistance. Timely assistance helps solve problems before they become big ones for customers. Help and support are crucial when customers want to find answers to their queries or want to know something about your business. Many companies have a "Frequently Asked Questions" section and chatbots to help customers. Chatbots help you to keep in constant contact with customers (in 24/7 mode).

Social Media Integration

Everyone is on social media nowadays. It acts as a catalyst to attract customers and encourage them to buy from your online marketplace app. You can easily bring customers to your app by integrating social media. With social media, you should provide an easy entry into your application. For example, a customer sees a sponsored post of your online marketplace, and he wants to buy the product from you, then he should be able to go to your site from the social media platform easily. Just with a single tap via Facebook, Instagram, the customer should land on your page.

Multiple Payment Options

You should provide your customers with different payment options as customers prefer to pay differently. Some like to pay by cards while some like cash on delivery option. Therefore, provide your customers with multiple payment options, they can choose the one they like.

Final Words

Customers love to shop from the online marketplace apps provided you give them the above-listed amazing features.  Contact a Supermarket App Development company to build an awesome app that provides high ROI.

Jeevanjot Kaur

Jeevanjot loves to write about new technology and presents a different view on various topics. She helps clients build a clear marketing message to create sales consistently.

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